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"Looking" is Renewed; Paula Deen on Michael Sam; Eric Himan on Arizona Gay Hate Law

Looking is Renewed

HBO gay TV show, Looking, was recently renewed, according to this article. As the show has progressed, the ratings have continued to rise…in spite of some negative reviews I’ll never understand. Sometimes viewers make the strongest statement, and in this case it’s with higher ratings. In my own small way I’ve posted positive things, and I’ve tried to pass it on to all the readers I know who love to read m/m romance. (I’m not sure how, but you can watch online, too.)

Nick Hall, the HBO executive behind the show, told GSN at the same event: ‘Each of our shows that we do are kind of designed to meet certain expectations. Of course you always want your show to be seen by as many people as possible but I do think it’s been really critically revered and it’s a show that people are talking about in a good way.’

You can read more here. It’s been critically welcomed by all the people I know. And I know I’ve said this before. But last week’s episode turned out to be another story with which I could personally relate in more than one way. They talk about engagement and marriage so casually now. It’s refreshing.

Paula Deen on Michael Sam

In what sounds like it’s coming from an alternate universe because it’s hard to parse at a glance, Paula Deen is trying to make a comeback by comparing herself to Michael Sam. Sam is an openly gay football player who recently came out. Deen was involved in a scandal last summer where it was disclosed she used the N word. She doesn’t refer to Michael Sam by name, at least not according to this article.

Deen tells People magazine in a story out today: ‘I feel like “embattled” or “disgraced” will always follow my name. It’s like that black football player who recently came out.’

There’s something convoluted about this. Michael Sam never used racist language or did anything wrong, at least not that I’ve heard. Michael Sam is not embattled or disgraced. If anything Michael Sam has become a hero to many. So how Deen could even compare her situation with his doesn’t even make sense. (Too much butter.)

You can read more here, where they go into more detail about the comparison.

Maybe Deen could make her comeback and change the negatives associated with her name if she became a gay activist.

Eric Himan on Arizona Gay Hate Law

Gay singer, Eric Himan, wrote a song about the discriminatory bill in Arizona that will allow business owners to refuse business to gay customers based on the owner’s religious beliefs.

 He quickly wrote a song called Not Going Anywhere Tonight, made a video and posted it on YouTube.

 ‘I couldn’t take it,’ he writes on the YouTube page. ‘I had to write this song and put it out there. I urge everyone to take it seriously. Bills like this could easily find its way across our country.’

‘In just a few short hours I wrote Not Going Anywhere Tonight, a soulful musical message to the Arizona Legislature.’

You can read more here, with links to where you can listen to the song.

The people affected by this law in Arizona are infinite.

Update: The Governor of Arizona vetoed the bill last night.