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Openly Gay Service Secretary; Selling Sperm For iPhones; Straight Guys Making Out to Spite Kim Davis

Openly Gay Service Secretary

The historic significance of this is that Eric Fanning will be the first openly gay person nominated for civilian secretary of military service.

For over 25 years, Fanning has specialized on defense and national security issues in a career that spans over 25 years in Congress and the Pentagon. If confirmed by the Senate, he’d be working alongside Gen. Mark Milley — who became the Army’s top general last month — assuming responsibility for what The Washington Post calls “the Pentagon’s largest and most troubled service.”

You can read more here. 

I hope Tom Hardy reads this. 

Selling Sperm For iPhones

In China, men are willing to sell their organs for tech devices. In an attempt to stop this practice there’s a hospital that is now saying they will give these poor souls the iPhone 6s for their sperm. I can’t even imagine.

Renji Hospital in China is encouraging men to donate sperm and use the money to pay for a new iPhone 6s using the tagline, “No need to sell your kidneys, you can easily have a 6s.”

There’s more here. 

No comment.

Straight Guys Making Out to Spite Kim Davis

I’m glad so many in the straight community are speaking up about this whole Kim Davis thing now. And they are doing it in interesting ways. There’s a hashtag, #kissesforhim, where straight guys are making out and posting photos to social media. This is the message:

 “Dear Kim Davis, We want to let you know that  no matter what you do, love will always win,” the guys said. “What we want you to do is you’re watching this video is grab your closest friend, give him a kiss, take a photo or video, and upload it using #KissesForKim, to let Kim know that she cannot win… and that we also love her and think she’s beautiful.”

You can check out the rest here, with a video and photos of straight men kissing. The comments vary…of course.

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