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Daniel Radcliffe Full Frontal Nudity; Brent Corrigan Going Mainstream

Daniel Radcliffe Full Frontal Nudity

Daniel Radcliffe acted in the play, Equus, and showed everything he’s got, with full frontal scenes. And when the photos were leaked online it stirred up a firestorm…as usual.

The naked pictures of Daniel Radcliffe, taken during his current stint in Broadway play “Equus”, have been leaked and Broadway officials are outraged of the leak. The pics, which have been all over the net, show the young actor standing totally naked in front of co-star Anna Camp, who also bares all for the play.

You know, if you’re going to take off all your clothes in public shouldn’t you be prepared for anything? And if you’re known best for playing a character that’s familiar with children and you still take off all your clothes in public and show your proverbial magic wand…and being up on stage is about as public as it gets…you’re either making a bold statement or you’re living in a dream world.

You can check out the full frontal photo here.  I think there are more if you do a simple search. It’s actually very artistic and Radcliffe has nothing about which to be ashamed. I never saw any of the Harry Potter films or read the books. But if I had known that good old Harry Potter was carrying THAT magic wand around underneath his robe I would have had a front row seat for the midnight opening.

In any event, Radcliffe is now branching out into films with gay love scenes. I think he’s straight, but don’t quote me on that. It’s hard to tell anymore…a good thing.

It’s interesting that it’s deemed shocking. For me, there’s something very strange about that because we see straight sex scenes all the time. We’ve seen gay sex scenes before. I don’t know why a gay sex scene should be any more shocking than a straight sex scene.

Radcliffe plays Allen Ginsberg (beat generation poet) in Kill Your Darlings. I haven’t seen it, but this one sounds interesting. You can read more about it here, where there are more links.

Brent Corrigan Going Mainstream

When I posted about porn star,Brent Corrigan, last week and how he’s working on a more mainstream film, Truth, a friend commented to me that porn stars rarely ever go mainstream successfully. Being I don’t know much about that, I decided to check it out with a few simple searches to see what I could find. There are a few female porn stars who have managed to crossover into the mainstream, like this list of nine shows. And this article talks about porn star James Deen going mainstream in a film with Lindsay Lohan, The Canyons. But other than that I couldn’t find much else with a simple search, and to be truthful if I hadn’t read the short piece about James Deen and The Canyons I never would have heard of it in the first place…or heard of James Deen.

I found this rather light article interesting because of the tone:

Hollywood is all about dreaming of upward mobility. Slip a script under a stall door, hand out a few business cards at a funeral and you could be writing Transformers IV! And despite what you might think, there’s no rule saying porn stars can’t work their way up the mainstream-movie ladder. In 2009, they popped up all over the box office — from Sasha Grey’s high-brow turn in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience to a whole plethora of adult entertainers filling out the cast of Crank: High Voltage. Who’s done it best over the years?

The article then goes on to list a lot of the same names that are listed in the links above I just provided. But I do find it interesting that even though these ten or so people who come from the adult entertainment industry barely made it to C-list status. And again, most are women, not men…or gay men. And I can’t help but wonder how Brent Corrigan’s venture with Truth is going to turn out. It’s one thing to come from Harry Potter and do nude scenes and gay love scenes like Daniel Radcliffe. Actors get a free pass for that. But you’re not going to hear about a gay porn star doing anything even remotely related to the kids genre.

The other thing I don’t understand completely is that there’s been a huge increase in demand for gay fiction that’s more romance oriented…or lighter and more mainstream in a heteronormative way. But Truth is being described as an indie psychological thriller, which is something I see a lot lately with gay indie films. In fact, I’ve seen this dark brand of gay film all my life, as if anything indie has to be labeled as dark and mysterious and deeply psychological to be indie. I haven’t seen Truth, and I’m not sure I will (depends on how it’s released), so I can’t comment on it. It’s just that I find it interesting that with so many people discovering romantic stories with gay men that have HEA endings and give people the chance to escape it’s hard to justify the old tropes that never seem to go away. And I’m not talking about personal taste. I’m talking about giving people what they want, and giving them a balance.

You can read more here, and check out a clip of Truth. From what I gather, a good deal of the film was funded with, which is a lot like kickstarter.