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Have a Safe Labor Day…

Can’t believe summer’s almost over. I know they say Labor Day is the end of summer. But we really do have a couple of weeks left. And even though fall is my favorite time of year, I like holding on to what little there is left of summer. Plus, this photo is the far back end of my property, and in a few weeks it will be covered with leaves. Leaf clean up around here is a two day a week event from October until mid-December.

Next week I’m posting about another interesting self-published author who contacted me from a previous post. After that, I’m going to get into a few author interviews, which I’ve been dying to do for a long time. I used to do these things for and miss doing them. I made friends, some of whom I’ve met in person, thanks to those interviews. And I think people like reading interviews more than they like reading straight forward blog posts.

I’ll also be posting something about 9/11 later this week.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day.