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Emotion vs Erotica

It’s hard to find the right balance between emotion and erotica. In a series, like The Virgin Billionaire, it gets easier because the main characters, Jase and Luis, have been together and in love for a long time. This makes the erotic scenes more emotional, and it helps the characters grow…as well as their relationship.

But it’s not always that simple, especially if you’re trying to keep it real at the same time. I wish all gay men were as emotional as others. But that’s not always the case. Gay men, in fact, are men. Not all gay men have fag hags; not all gay men like to shop. They think like men, even when it comes to sex. And that strong emotional element isn’t always there in the beginning. It takes time to nurture and develop.

And look at it this way, does anyone really think the guys in the photo above are thinking about emotion? Seriously? For all we know, they may indeed be in love. They may be about to fall in love and their lives might become filled with emotion. But I doubt that’s what they are thinking about when this photo was shot. In fact, I’d bet money that’s not what they were thinking about when this photo was shot. And in order to write real gay fiction, romance or not, there has to be a certain amount of believability or it’s not going to work. And finding that emotional aspect isn’t as simple as it looks or sounds. It has to come from the heart or it’s just going to look contrived.