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Sex and Taxes

It’s that time of year again. I heard this morning on the radio we have until Monday to get the taxes in because it’s Emancipation Day in Washington, DC. How this holiday thing works, I don’t know. It’s only a holiday in Washington. But at least it gives people a few extra days.

And if you’re in the mood for something to read that blends well with taxes, this anthology might be perfect. I have a short story in there, and I know a few of the other authors as well.

Nothing is more boring than computing how much you owe the government. In honor of this grueling annual task, we’ve brought together 9 sizzling hot tales of wicked ways to distract an accountant or conduct your own special audit with the IRS.

After reading about these vampire accountants (yes, you read that right) and tax cheats on who cheat on their wives, doing your taxes will take on a whole new meaning.

This anthology includes stories by:

Jen Bluekissed
Lisa Lane
Ryan Field
Hobert Glasse
Peter Sheehan
Eve Carpenter
Bryce Wood
Rachel Kenley
Jamaica Layne