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Trans Woman Allegedly Assaulted In Stonewall; Elton John’s Body Guard Is Suing; Apology To Wentworth Miller For Fat Shaming

Trans Woman Allegedly Assaulted in Stonewall

This alleged assault happened recently in Stonewall, NYC’s historic gay bar, in a unisex bathroom. It’s interesting, especially as the controversy over unisex bathrooms continues to surface everywhere.

A man who claimed that he needed to wash his hands had barged in behind the victim, and then proceeded to grope and rape her, before fleeing the scene.

The victim left the bar afterwards, but returned an hour later.

After calling 911, she was taken to the nearby Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment.

The rest of the story is here. They have a photo of the alleged attacker on video surveillance. I didn’t even know there were cameras inside bathrooms.

Elton John’s Body Guard Is Suing

A guy who once worked as a body guard for Elton John is now suing John for alleged harassment and battery.

According to TMZ, Wenninger alleges John attempted to grab his genitals while in a car together and claimed he told him to ‘get your todger out’ and ‘say hello to Uncle Elton’.

In another incident, Wenninger also allegedly claimed he had his nipples twisted by the singer who told him: ‘You gorgeous thing you’.

And here’s the source to this one.  I have no comment.

Apology To Wentworth For Fat Shaming

The LAD Bible is a Twitter account, and that’s all I know about them. The LAD Bible tweeted a meme of Wentworth Miller in an attempt to fat shame him. Miller went on the defense and replied with an explanation as to why he’d gained so much weight…his mental health issues. And now the LAD Bible is apologizing to Miller for fat shaming him.
‘​We certainly didn’t want to cause you pain by reminding you of such a low point in your life. Causing distress and upset to innocent or vulnerable people is simply not acceptable.’

It continued: ‘We applaud your raw honesty and promise to now cover such matters in the responsible manner that our audience expects.

And there’s this story.  

I have a rule about shaming of any kind when it comes to physical appearance: don’t do it.  But I also believe that if you’re in the public eye, and you’ve put yourself there willingly, and you’re getting paid a lot of money to live a very privileged life, you take the good with the bad. 

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