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New Transgender Book by Elliott DeLine

For those who follow this blog, you know I’ve posted about transgender author, Elliott DeLine, several times. You can read those posts here.

And now he has another book out that’s titled, I Know Very Well How I Got My Name. Without saying, I’m a fan of what he does, and how he’s taken control of what he does. Books like this wouldn’t have had chances a few years ago, and now that they are here I find myself enjoying them more and more as a reader. I’m posting basic info below, but you can read more about the book with the links I’ve provided.

From my inbox:

April 1st 2013, Syracuse, NY—Today Elliott DeLine announces the title of his upcoming novella: ‘I Know Very Well How I Got My Name.’ It is scheduled for release May 1st 2013, online at Createspace and The presale period is April 1st through 7th. (Click here to pre-order!)

I Know Very Well How I Got My Name a prequel to DeLine’s critically acclaimed novelRefuse. It follows transgender protagonist Dean from kindergarten to high school and centers on his troubled relationship with a girl named Amy Wagner.

Last August, DeLine started a Kickstarter to fund his writing of the book. He wrote, “This book will be largely focused on abuse, and the prevailing myths about the fixed roles of the anatomy and identities involved.” The book was ignited by DeLine’s skepticism of the recent anti-gay-bullying rhetoric, as well as his frustration with the narrow scope of many rape-prevention campaigns.

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