Category: Ejaculation Facts; GAY Couple Kicked Off Plane; Thai Men Whitening Their Penises

Ejaculation Facts; GAY Couple Kicked Off Plane; Thai Men Whitening Their Penises

Ejaculation Facts

Here’s a guide to facts about ejaculation.

There’s a lot of information covered in this article, but here’s just one fact…

Sugar ants will go after the fructose in your jizz rag, whereas grease ants are there for all your tasty proteins.
And if this is new to you, the internet has been fascinated with cum hungry ants for quite some time.
Gay Couple Kicked Off Plane
Here’s a story about two guys getting kicked off a plane, but they weren’t sure why.
‘They never gave us a clear answer on what we did that made sense to our experience. And we do wonder, given the political and social climate, if it was homophobia. And indeed, can only remember breaking those “social norms”.
There’s more here. It’s a strange tale. 

Thai Men Whitening Their Penises
I have no idea why men are doing this in Thailand, but it seems to be a trend. 
In the unusual procedure, Lelux Hospital in Bangkok uses a laser to whiten the private area.
It’s said to be very popular with gay men, with the majority of patients being LGBTI people between the ages of 22 and 55.
Here’s the rest.  There’s also a procedure to whiten the vagina, too.
You’ll want to read the comments. 

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