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Anti-Gay Bakers Read Mean Tweets and Mean Tweet Fail; The Guys of Coitus Magazine; Eddie Redmayne As Trans Ally

Anti-Gay Bakers Read Mean Tweets

I’m not even sure I know what to say about this. I do think I’m quite possibly the ONLY gay blogger who isn’t using bad sarcasm to put my own spin on this story and using it to my own advantage. So I’ll remain totally objective this time and I hope I’ll present this story to you with an unbiased post.

The bakers who were fined six figures for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple did a video where they read a few of the vicious comments they’ve received on social media from the LGBT community.

I can’t give you a direct excerpt from anyone because they are all so biased. And the sarcasm is so poorly executed.

You can view the video here. 

The comments are interesting.

Side note: Speaking in general, last night I came across a youtube video that a mainstream romance author and her husband did…with this mean tweet theme. They sat at their dining room table commenting on mean Facebook comments and tweets people had left for the woman author on social media and it really came off looking big time dumb. I’ve never read her books, and she might write good romances, but she’s not clever enough or funny enough to pull off the kind of sarcasm you need when replying to nasty comments on social media. Actually, it comes off looking more like big time author butthurt. So if anyone’s thinking about doing something “cute” like this, you may want to rethink that a few times. You might wind up proving the nasty comments right instead of wrong 🙂 

The Guys of Coitus Magazine

This reminds me of a book review I read a few years ago. A popular romance book review blog that’s known for slamming authentic books written by gay men gave a five star review to a gay romance book written by a woman, and in that book she referred to the two gay male characters as sharing “coitus.” …Because they were so deeply in love. The straight women readers loved it, and gay men were left wondering WTF is coitus? Do you fry it up in a pan with brown sugar and butter?

As a gay man, that would never even occur to me. What gay men, ever, shared “coitus?” But then again, I was writing gay fiction for years for gay publishers before I started writing m/m romance and straight people started telling me I was doing it all wrong…even though I’m gay.

Coitus is basically sexual intercourse…the “union of male and female genitalia.” At least that’s how it’s defined in the places where I’ve looked it up. In other words, I have never known two gay men who shared “coitus.” At least not in the traditional sense, and without a huge dose of vicious sarcasm.

In any event, it seems there’s a magazine called “Coitus” and they have photos of hot men. That’s all I know.

Beards, lumberjacks and scruff have been having something of a moment in 2015, but let’s not forget about the slender, youthful lads that never seem to stop coming of age.

You can check them out here. And here’s a link to the about page of Coitus Magazine.

One person in the comments seems as confused as I am about the word “coitus.”

Eddie Redmayne As Trans Ally

I’m dying to see The Danish Girl, starring Eddie Redmayne, where he plays a trans person. Aside from that, he recently made a statement where he says he hopes to become an ally to the trans community.

It’s been 15 years in the making and has come out at time when there has been such a shift in these issues coming to the mainstream.

The story is so beautiful and the people from the trans community I met in preparing for the part were incredibly generous. It has been a privilege and, while not in any way talking for the community, I’m trying to learn to be an ally.”

You can check that out here.

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