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Pinkstart Crowdfunding; Called His Neighbors Faggots; Straight Guys Into Anal Stimulation; Jamie Foxx’s Transphobic Jokes

Pinkstart Crowdfunding

Here’s a new web site that another author showed me that’s crowdfunding geared specifically for the LGBT community. I don’t know much about it, and I’ve never done crowdfunding myself, but I guess this is the same principle as and

If you have an awesome idea for a creative project and you need the funds, this is your place. Start creating a campaign!

Starting a campaign on Pinkstart is easy, and free.

It’s an easy site to navigate and some of the projects look interesting. I’ll be posting more about it as I see projects coming through with LGBT artists I know.

Here the link where you can check it out yourselves.  

Called His Neighbors Faggots

A prison guard who allegedly called his neighbors faggots and expressed he wanted them executed on social media has been suspended. 

Richard ‘Rick’ Pilarski Jr, who was a cell block attendant for the Cheektowaga Police Department, made the comments on Facebook.

He was writing after an anti-gay activist in California filed a ballot measure for a ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’ – which calls for gay people to face the death penalty.

For all of you who think things are so much better for gay people, this should give you an example of what we’re still dealing with now. This happened in NY state, but it could have been anywhere in the world. And if they aren’t calling for an execution in public, they are silently thinking about it in private.

You can read more here.  

Straight Guys Into Anal Stimulation

This doesn’t surprise me at all. And the main reason is that I dated a few straight guys in my time and it basically corroborates everything I learned from them.

“Our anuses have thousands of nerve endings that respond to stimulation,” a columnist by the name of “Jake” writes in Glamour’s Sex and Dating section. “I learned this firsthand in my twenties when, after several drinks at a bar, I went home with an old college friend. We fooled around for a while, and then I suddenly found myself on all fours as she used her hands up front and stuck her tongue where the sun don’t shine.”

Another thing is true, too. From what I recall straight guys are not shy about what they want. But to be perfectly honest, you really have to be into certain things to enjoy them…both parties. Not everyone is, so don’t let articles like this mislead you into believing that everyone out there likes to, well, eat ass.

And you’d better make sure you keep it clean. And I mean squeaky clean to the point where that ass shines like Sirius. Not Sirius the big mouth m/m book reviewer from THAT web site who gets it wrong and insults many gay men 99% of the time, Sirius the shining star.

You can read more here.  

Jamie Foxx’s Transphobic Jokes

Jamie Foxx has been making headlines this week because of transphobic jokes he made in reference to Bruce Jenner. It’s really interesting because this kind of joke wouldn’t even have been noticed ten years ago, and now it’s considered wrong…as it should be. I hate to sound too PC about these things, and I really try not to be too PC with regard to laughing at myself, but these comedians that come from places of privilege really need to start rethinking what is and is NOT funny. Comedy has changed, like it or not.

What was the intention, for instance, behind Jamie Foxx’s recent jokes at Bruce Jenner’s expense at the iHeartRadio awards?

The answer seems limited to obtaining a cheap laugh, putting someone down and playing off tired stereotypes of transgender people.

And that’s not comedy, that’s just mean.

If I had kept track of every single homophobic joke I’ve heard in my lifetime, either blatant or passive aggressive, I could fill a book. The jokes where the straight guys joke around about being gay are the ones that always got to me the most. It’s not that you can’t tell gay jokes. I’m willing to laugh at myself as much as the next guy. But you have to be smart enough to find the right context.

Unfortunately, the comment thread with this devolves into something you might want to miss.

Here’s the link with a video of what Foxx said.

The Way We ALMOST Were

A Gay Parody  


Naked Crossfit Anyone? Senator Jim Ferlo Comes Out; Naked Warwick Rowers; 5 Rimming Tips

Naked Crossfit Anyone?

The other day I was on social media for a few minutes and I spotted an update on FB that made a claim that FB would be charging people to join on a monthly basis in November. At first, my instinct was to laugh because I don’t think I’d pay to be on FB even if they only charged a dollar a month…50 cents would be too much. The comment thread on the update grew fierce and I started to wonder if the article was true. I never forgot the time I shared an update about Marty McFly and Back to the Future that wasn’t true.

Ultimately, I did a check and the FB update about FB charging fees turned out to be a hoax that went viral, and it’s not the first time that’s happened with that topic. That same FB story has been going around for a couple of years. So when I spotted this article about naked Crossfit classes I got the same feeling I did about the FB update, and sure enough, fake, fake as ever.

Here’s the original article about naked Crossfit…which has never been updated.

A CrossFit gym called Spartan Mentality in Aarhus Denmark, is offering its gym-goers a nude CrossFit workout session on Sunday evenings, according to The Gaily Grind.

But then I found this article that claims it’s a hoax. 

But sadly the news that a gym in Aarhus is offering these workouts, which is going viral as we speak, is no more real than that Terminator scene.

It all started with an article in the Gaily Grind yesterday (while the story is a hoax, that apparently exists) that was soon picked up by the Huffington Post and many, many more.

My point here is simple: beware of anything you see that sounds as if it’s too peculiar to be true. It probably is a hoax. And be even more careful about clicking links on any social media that sound as if they are too interesting to be true, you could wind up with a virus. I know people who have paid hundreds of dollars to tech people thanks to those links.

To be fair, Gaily Grind did update their article, stating it was all a hoax. You can read that here.

Now if we could only get a few bloggers in romanceland to stop printing hearsay.

Senator Jim Ferlo Comes Out

I actually watched this unfold on my local Philadelphia news station this evening, and I felt almost the same way I did when I watched NJ Governor, Jim McGreevey, come out on TV during a press conference years ago. Only this time Sen. Ferlo came out with a smile on his face, without a hint of shame, and there wasn’t a hint of defense on his part. I honestly never thought I would see that come to pass in my lifetime.

Flanked by members of Philadelphia’s LGBT community and out Rep. Brian Sims, Ferlo told a crowd of LGBT supporters that “hundreds of people know I’m gay. I just never made an official declaration.”
Speaking for the first time as Pennsylvania’s first openly gay senator, Ferlo added: “I never felt I had to wear a billboard on my forehead. But I’m gay. Get over it. I love it. It’s a great life.”
For those of you who haven’t come out yet, that just about says it all.
You can read more here. Ferlo and others were fighting to push Senate Bill 42 and House Bill 177 in order to get protection for LGBT people who are not protected under state hate crime laws as they stand. This is all in direct response to the gay bashing that recently took place in Philadelphia…
Today, six days after assailants in the crime were identified, there have been no arrests made. We’ve been reporting that even when if they are, they will not be hate-related as the state’s current hate crime law does not recognize hate crimes as LGBT-inclusive.

However, there has been an update since that was written. Three people have been charged in the Philadelphia gay bashing incident, all from right here in Bucks County, PA. But NOT from New Hope. Bucks County is large, and going from New Hope to some parts of the county is like going from New York to Mississippi.

District Attorney Seth Williams said Tuesday that charges have been approved for three of them, 24-year-olds Philip Williams and Katherine Knott and 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan, all of suburban Bucks County.

“This vicious attack shocked the entire country. An assault on people because of their sexual orientation has no place in Philadelphia,” the district attorney said in a statement.
Naked Warwick Rowers
There’s a new crowdfund video out with the naked Warwick Rowers that everyone’s talking about.
Not only are these Grecian statues absurdly easy on the eyes, their annual calendar raises money to combat homophobia in sports. So double win.
You can check out the video here. It’s a little lame because the TV people say dumb things, as usual. But still worthy of a glance, so to speak.
5 Rimming Tips

The title of this part of the post is self-explanatory and I’m not going to elaborate much. It talks about the act/art of anal oral sex and offers five tips, plus, on how to do it correctly. It mentions nothing about holding your nose.

Here’s one, verbatim:

1. Clean out your ass. It is important to shower before getting your can canoodled. Stick a wet finger into your anus to eliminate fecal remnants from your pucker, or you can use an enema for a thorough rectal rinsing.

Now doesn’t that sound inviting? Well, the rest are even more interesting. Sorry, it’s just not something I’m into and I don’t even use it in sex scenes in books too often. I have done it, but it’s never easy to write because I’m holding my nose for the character performing the act in the book.

But, there are a few more tips, in addition to the first five and I don’t want to be remiss. This list is about the best position for the receiver:

1. Sit on your partners face. (and smile)

8. Suspending yourself upside down, open your legs in a V formation. (just be careful)

And here are a few tips for the giver:

1. Use your breath. Blow warm air onto the anus and the skin surrounding it, or just hover above and breathe against it.

Just to be clear, this is not blowing smoke up someone’s ass. That’s a metaphor. What they’re talking about is real.

And, I would imagine rimming young ass is probably better than old ass, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t have the slightest clue on this one.

You can read the rest here.

.99 Gay Romance
Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street
by Ryan Field



Zachary Quinto: The Slap; Straight Men Like Anal Stimulation; Molesting Backpackers

Zachary Quinto: The Slap

Openly gay actor, Zachary Quinto, is in a new eight-episode miniseries that’s focused on family issues. In one scene at a family barbeque he finally gets enough of someone’s ill-mannered, rotten, misbehaving loud-mouthed kid and he slaps it. I’m not sure if he slaps it to get peace, or to teach the kid a little discipline because no one else it doing it.

The incident results in a lawsuit, exposes secrets and leads to all kinds of turmoil, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Quinto’s character is a mechanic who specializes in expensive cars and is the married father of a teenaged son.

He’s also described as someone who never shies away from a fight.

I see this discussion a lot lately, badly behaved kids where parents do nothing but try to reason with a child. It sounds like an interesting theme. It also sounds as if Quinto is playing a straight role, and that’s not such a bad thing either.

You can read more here.

Straight Men Like Anal Stimulation

I think we all find these articles interesting, in an educational sort of way. There’s a new essay out that claims straight men enjoy anal stimulation just as much as gay men. Both giving and receiving, so they say.

The hetero male’s crusade to take back anilingus (a term that, FYI, is very different from “rim job”) began months ago in GQ and NY magazine — we even explored the phenomenon back in July —  but reporter Tyrone Palmer’s piece for Gawker goes a step further. He’s pretty much already accepted that anilingus is the current trend, and wants to figure out why some straight guys still aren’t ready to say it.
Why does “booty eating” make implications about my sexuality?, he wonders aloud.

I’m not surprised. But whatever you do if you haven’t done this before and you’re curious please, please familiarize yourself with the term douche.

You can read more here.

Molesting Backpackers

This one is creepy and it makes me glad I never trusted anyone…ever. Allegedly, a guy in New Zealand who runs a hostel drugged and perved over young male travelers. A couple of them reported him and he was arrested.

Even worse…he filmed it.

According to police, Mr. Harris filmed his assaults and recorded himself molesting at least 16 male victims over two and a half years, mostly overseas tourists from 18-25, who were drugged so heavily that they may not even be aware of the assault.
“These victims are unlikely to know that something has happened to them, although they may have suspicions,” Detective Senior Sergeant Rhys Johnston told TVNZ.
Police believe Harris assaulted far more than the 16 men in the tapes they recovered, and noted that more than 30 more potential victims have come forward in the day since they made details of the case public. All were backpackers passing through town, including tourists from Germany, England, Scotland, and the U.S.
We hear a great deal about rape with women, but rarely ever hear about this kind of abuse with men. It happens a lot more than most are willing to admit, sadly.
There’s more here, with the alleged perv’s photo.

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