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Digital Publishing In Russia…

The first article I’m linking to about e-books in Russia is about a year old, but I think it’s still relevant. I’ve received a lot of the same feeback from my Russian readers (and readers in other eastern European countries) and in many ways I can sympathize with them.

This next article is even more interesting. It’s from a blog titled “Thoughts on Digital Publishing,” and this time it breaks some of the stereotypes about digital publishing in Russia.

I wish I could comment more on the topic. But all I know is what I hear from my Russian readers first hand. And speaking from an ethical standpoint, I’d never repeat anything personal anyone has said to me.

I value the opinions of readers, and I hope they continue to contact me and let me know more about what they want, knowing that I respect their need to remain anonymous. I’m especially interested in what readers in Russia and other eastern European countries think about e-books.

I will say this. The most interesting thing about e-books in Russia is that the concerns aren’t very different from the concerns about e-books in the US, which includes fair prices, quality content, and the ability to share the same way they would share print books.