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An E-mail from "Freedom to Marry"

I wish I had more time to post comments with this, but it’s a crazy day. Here’s an e-mail I got this afternoon from “Freedom to Marry.” If you are interested in marriage equality, it’s an interesting organization to follow.


Huge. Happy. Historic. Last night brought us the wave of wins we’d worked for, with irrefutable momentum for more. Our campaign to win marriage nationwide is ascendant, and this year of transformation has put us in place for an even bigger year of victories in 2013.

In one night, we won the freedom to marry at the ballot (for the first time ever!) in Maine and Maryland, defeated an anti-marriage amendment (for the first time ever!) in Minnesota, reelected President Obama (the first president to support the freedom to marry!), and scored electoral wins all across the country, including a victory for one of the supreme court justices who ruled for the freedom to marry in Iowa. And as I write, we are also cautiously optimistic that we will win our battle for the freedom to marry in Washington, too.

These transformative victories all occurred on one night, but the work that went into creating them happened over the course of many years of smart, strategic focus and dedication from Freedom to Marry’s team, joined by our many partner organizations, gay and non-gay, and by so many supporters like you, Ryan.

Freedom to Marry’s top priorities for 2012 were to pave a pathway for the president’s support (check!), secure a freedom to marry plank in the Democratic platform (check!), and win marriage at the ballot for the first time ever (check!). Now, we are taking the momentum we’ve built and channeling it into an even more ambitious strategy for 2013 that will move our country closer to the day when same-sex couples can marry in every state and when those marriages will be respected and honored by the federal government.

As Freedom to Marry turns to what’s next, we invite you to share in the celebration of what we have accomplished together with a special, limited edition “Right Side of History” T-shirt. For a contribution of $35 or more, we will send a T-shirt to help you celebrate our recent and future victories for the freedom to marry.

We could not have gotten this far without you, and – if you keep working with us – together we will have more occasions to celebrate in 2013. Big ones.

Thanks for all you do,
Evan Wolfson
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry