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Christmas Gift Ideas…

I love Amazon, but I don’t get paid by them…or anyone else…to endorse products, so I’m linking to the Barnes & Noble web site right now so people can check out the Nook e-readers. I’m doing this because some people are still curious about e-readers and don’t know where to find basic advice.

I don’t own any Nook/Sony products. I have two Kobo e-readers, which I recommend highly. And I have a Kindle and a NextBook tablet, which I recommend highly.

But I have heard good things from people who do own a Nook. So if you’re wondering what to get someone for Christmas, check them out here.

If you’re just starting out and you’re just getting into e-readers, I would suggest you begin with the simple Nook for 99.00. It’s a “basic e-ink reader,” and you’ll find the transition from print books to digital books far more comforting this way. I have a color reader, an Iphone, and a tablet now. But I still find the reading experience more comfortable…intimate…with a basic e-ink reader. It’s just reading; there are no distractions. And in a weird way, there’s actually something old fashioned about it that’s hard to explain.

Let’s face it, some day, 50 years from now, when most of us are gone, these e-ink readers are going to be historic, nostalgic, and as collectable as old radios from the 1920’s. By then, I can only imagine what people will be reading on…but I doubt it will be something in print they bought at a “brick and mortar” bookstore.