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ARe Bestseller Badge; Trevor Donovan Texas Rising; Taiwan Gay Comedy

ARe Bestseller Badge

I’m always pointing readers toward for a variety of reasons. One, they aren’t Amazon and competition is a good thing. The only way to give Amazon a little competition is to give other companies some business. Otherwise, Amazon will, indeed, own you eventually. They’ve already raised the Prime thing to $99. And two, from a consumer POV I think ARe is probably one of the best retail web sites where e-books are sold. It’s also one of the most professional places for authors/publishers to do business.

And each time a book becomes a bestseller ARe notifies the author and attaches a bestseller badge. I just got one for Second Chance: The Sweetest Apple and wanted to post about that here…along with the fact that two of the Second Chance e-books are still on ARe for free until the end of this month.

And  huge thanks to all those who purchased The Sweetest Apple. I work hard on all my books, but the indie books are closest to my heart.

Trevor Donovan Texas Rising

I know so many M/M Romance fans who follow Trevor Donovan on Facebook and Twitter we often cross paths several times a day. I see familiar people liking and commenting on his status updates more often than not, and I think that’s because in many ways Donovan is the ultimate M\M Romance hero. He’s the image you want to stare at on a book cover, he’s the smart guy who always says something tasteful or wise, and he’s never once shown a negative side in all the time I’ve followed him. In other words, he’s more than just a pretty face and he isn’t afraid to connect with his fans.

So I know a lot of people are thrilled to see that he’s joining the cast of Texas Rising, a historical mini series, tentatively titled for now, on A&E.

 Trevor Donovan (90210) have joined the killer cast of History’s miniseries Texas Rising (working title) from A+E Studios and ITV Studios America. Leslie Greif (Hatfields & McCoys) is exec producing the project which will detail the Texas Revolution against Mexico and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers. Roland Joffé will direct. McDonald, repped by Gersh and Brillstein, will play Henry Karnes, a grizzled, tough taskmaster of the ranging company. Donovan, with APA and Michael Yanni Management, will play Kit Acklin, a handsome, wise-ass, expert horseman whose chivalry and equestrian skills are matched only by his gun-fighting prowess. Bill Paxton, Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Thomas Jane, Olivier Martinez, Chad Michael Murray, Michael Rapaport and Max Thieriot round out the all-star cast.

There’s more to the press release here, and you can leave a comment at the bottom. It’s very simple to do with this web site. Just a name, e-mail, and web site if you have one.

Taiwan Gay Comedy

There’s a new gay family comedy in Taiwan called Penguins at the North Pole.

‘We want to make a movie for moms and dads [with gay children] to show in a light-hearted but easily understandable way that they are not alone,’ said the movie’s production crew.

‘This is like a long road where parents and children get to know each other all over again,’ they added. ‘There are indeed many who share some common worries.’

Two things about this I find interesting. The mom finds out her daughter is gay on Facebook, which shows how powerful social media has become all over the world. And my straight friend, Jordan, thinks this show looks like it will be better than Modern Family.  I agree with him. I hope Hollywood is paying attention.

You can read more here.

$100,000 to Look Like Bieber; More E-Books on (by Ryan Field)

$100,000 to Look Like Bieber

A thirty-three year old man went through five years of cosmetic surgery and spent $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. Now that’s real fandom.

Not only is songwriter Toby Sheldon a 33-year-old Justin Bieber fan, his Bieber-devotion would blow teeny-bopping Beliebers out of the water.

That’s because Sheldon went so far as to spend almost $100,000 on five years worth of plastic surgery to make him look like his idol, according to the British tabloid Closer.

I wonder if Bieber even cares.

You can read more here, where you can also see before and after photos of the man in question.

More E-Books on (by Ryan Field)

This should be the last batch of back listed e-books for now that’s going up on I’ll still be distributing them on other venues periodically, and I’ll post about that when I launch them. Below I’ll post a comment next to each book if there’s something I think that distinguishes them, or is different about them. Other than that, the product info at ARe is great, and if anyone has any questions feel free to comment here or e-mail me in private.

Young Doughy Joey

With This Cowboy I Love So Freely (This is an anthology…51,000 words…that combines several of my western short stories…in other words, for the money, as a .99 e-book, you’re getting more than if you purchase each story as a stand alone.) Update: This was a misprint (sorry). It’s supposed to be 2.99. But it’s still a bargain considering the others are .99 each.

Whatever Dude 

Vance’s Flames

Pumpkin Ravioli Boy

As I said, these e-books were all published previously by an LGBT print publisher, and then once again by former e-publisher, I’m releasing my own back list alone now, so double check to make sure you don’t have any of them. I’m keeping the original covers so no one gets confused.