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P&E Reader Poll and "World-Mart" by Leigh M. Lane

This isn’t an actual review. I still have about one quarter of the book left to read. And those who read this blog know I don’t like doing full reviews very often anyway. But I’ve read enough to know that I’m enjoying this book enough to recommend it to other people. I’ve also read other work by this same author and I’ve never been disappointed.

“World-Mart,” by Leigh M. Lane, is definitely one of those books you’ll keep with you for a long time. It’s dystopia, speculative sci-fi. It’s well written with a quick pace, a comfortable tone, and the reader is drawn into the story from the beginning. It makes the reader think about what could happen, and hope and pray it doesn’t happen.

I will post more about “World-Mart” when I’m finished, to wrap things up in a more organized way. But I wanted to post something about it now because there is a reader poll going on over at P&E and if anyone out there has already read “World Mart” I’d like to encourage them to go over to P&E and cast a vote for it.

I plan on voting as soon as I’m finished, which will probably be sometime on Friday. But if you have read this book and you do want to vote for it, you have to go over before January 10th.

Here are the rules for the P&E reader poll.

You can vote for “World Mart” here. After that, you’ll have to leave your name and e-mail address. When you “submit” you’ll be taken to a page that will explain everything.

And if you haven’t read “World Mart” yet, you can check it out here on Amazon.