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The Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien Gay Parody Kiss; Dustin Lance Black and Gay Rights Miniseries; More Kim Davis

The Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien Gay Parody Kiss

This very brief gay parody kiss with straight white actors of privilege, Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien, has been making the rounds all week.

On the November 2 episode of Conan, actor Ryan Reynolds and host Conan O’Brien surprised audiences by abruptly recreating that iconic “kissing in the rain” moment from the film — and with Conan filling in Rachael McAdams’ shoes.

The film they’re talking about is The Notebook. I also did a parody of that film as an erotic romance a few years back, titled Take Me Always.  I don’t parody the gay people. I parody the straight story…and very loosely. Of course I set part of it in a different time period, when the word gay didn’t even exist.  I’ve linked to that below.

In any event, you can check out this gay parody kiss between two straight while male actors here.  I just wonder how this gay parody kiss with Reynolds and O’Brien would go over if they had been spoofing any other minority out there. Take your pick. Any other minority.

The comments are mixed. Mostly, I agree with them.

This looks very posed – like 99% of homo-erotic depictions in the media. Posed, posed, posed.

Dustin Lance Black and Gay Rights Miniseries

On a completely different note, this looks authentic and well done.

Dustin Lance Black has wrapped his miniseries on gay rights, When We Rise, after years of work and tweeted out his accomplishment and excitement for a vacation in Florida with fiancé Olympian Tom Daley.

I think it happens to be wonderful and you can check it out here.

I don’t know much about the miniseries, but I’ll be posting about it when I see more. Evidently, this has been a long term project for Black and I can’t wait to see it.

More Kim Davis

I’m starting to think she’s never going away. Only this time there’s some relief. It’s about the law firm that represented Kim Davis.

The law firm that took advantage of Kim to elevate their name, Liberty Counsel, has been hard at work on preparing somewhere around two dozen anti-gay bills through legislatures around the country. The group just sent out a donation-beg to support their work: “Liberty Counsel is working pro bono with 22 different states in fighting the outrageous ‘bathroom’ movement,” they say.

There’s more here.

I think it’s worth the read just to see what’s still happening with LGBT rights. I’m glad to see that there are actually 25 comments with this one.

Here’s part of a verified review on Amazon. I hate to post full reviews without permission. But I think it’s okay to post part of one.

This is a m/m love story that goes between their lives today as old men in a nursing home and back to when they first met back in the 1950’s and how they came to be together for almost 50 years.

Gregory is younger by 10 years but he is the one that develops Alzheimer’s. Kadin decides to live in the nursing home with his partner just so he can be with him all the time, even though he doesn’t need nursing care himself. In trying to get Gregory to remember him, he starts a blog about how they meet and their lives togher and reads it to Gregory everyday.

Chase of a Christmas Dream