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Male Nudity Films; Dumb Publishing LOOPS; Male Exhibitionists: Free Use Images of Naked Men

Male Nudity Films

There’s an article about how full frontal nudity is being embraced at Sundance but the link doesn’t work this morning. It’s interesting to me because we’re planning to go to The Sundance Film Festival for the State of Marriage Documentary this year because we were part of it. Here is the link anyway in case there’s just something wrong with the website. I hope it goes live because it’s an interesting piece. In any event,  this other article at the SundanceTV web site talks about the top 10 directors and how they aren’t afraid to embrace nudity.

If you spend a lot of time analyzing movie sex scenes like we do, you might find yourself rolling your eyes at how many on-screen couples manage to have sex without ever showing any skin… or who fall asleep with a sheet covering them just so… or who always put on a shirt and underpants when they get out of bed to pee, no matter how raunchy things just got. Where’s the nudity? Where’s the raunch? For further feverish research on your own time, you might want to look up the work of the following ten directors who are very, shall we say, comfortable with on-screen nudity. And we mean the real kind — not the CGI kind. Only after we finished this list did we realize it was entirely male, which we suppose shouldn’t surprise us — after all, most of the nudity is female. But we dug up male nudity — or, at least, equal-opportunity nudity — where we could. You’re welcome!

If you don’t like nudity in films and you are the artistic-ALLY deeply emotional type, please don’t click this link. They also mention John Waters, who I think has always been highly influential in LGBTI films…and who spends a lot of time in Provincetown, MA, on the East End in the summertime.

Dumb Publishing LOOPS

I really hate to even address these things on the blog anymore, but I have mentioned before how everyone who is on the Internet should be wary of ill-informed information they read on the Internet. I believe that most people on the Internet are good, decent, trusting people. I also believe balance makes for a much better world. However, this article to which I’m linking talks about private contractual information, and payment information, between unnamed authors and two specific digital publishers that I would never share with a blogger or anyone else.

The information may or may not be true and that’s not my issue or any of my business. But one line alone makes me stop and think twice. So should you.

There are already exchanges between authors on private loops warning others away from these two big digital publishers because of lack of payment, slow payment, slow response, poor contract terms, and reduced sales.

I have no connection with either digital publisher mentioned in that post. At this time, I have no plans to work with them either. I stand to gain nothing by mentioning this. But I have read more than my fair share of hearsay and ill-informed comments about publishers with whom I have worked, and I’ve read them all on those dumb Internet “private LOOPS.” I have never once found anything to be true. Not. Once. Even if it is slightly true, it’s exaggerated to the point where it turns into fiction.

Those exchanges in “private loops” are filled with verbal porn.

If you’re going to be a “loop” type of person. At least find an honest “loop.” I’m sure there are some out there somewhere.

You can read more here.

Side Note: I promise never to use the word “loop” again in a post unless it’s absolutely necessary or I’m talking about ribbons and bows.

Male Exhibitionists: Free Use Images of Naked Men

This blog to which I’m linking next is all about male nude exhibitionists. And even better, it claims up front that all the people posting the photos don’t care about copyright infringement. They allegedly want the images shared far and wide. Those who have been following me for a while know how careful I’ve become about posting images. In fact, I rarely post anything at all anymore unless I’m certain there are no restrictions at all.

But this is interesting:

This blog is for exposing the male exhibitionist. Pictures posted to this blog are of guys who want their naked pictures spread around the internet with no control over where they end up. They want to be EXPOSED! You are ENCOURAGED to download any pictures you find on this blog and re-post them wherever you wish. Please tell me where you re-post them (and/or submit your own pics) by sending an email to
I’m so paranoid about sharing images from anyone I’m not re-posting any of their images here, and I keep things safe for work here, too. But you can get there from here to see the full collection of images. And if you are a blogger who is looking for photos like this I would imagine this would be something you might want to check out. (Just please make sure it’s legit before you share anything, and get it in writing.)
I also like the spirit in which this blog has been done. While I do obviously respect the rights of all photographers, I also wonder sometimes why they care so much about sharing horrendous photos I wouldn’t even hang in my garage. I wish I were so grand. If I post a photo I took here on this blog I encourage you to share it as long as you link back to me.  
Palm Beach Stud by Ryan Field

His Only Choice by Ryan Field
The Preacher’s Husband by Ryan Field