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Michael Sam Out; Russia: Blog Censored; Debbie Harry Refused Russia; Lesbian on Sochi

Michael Sam Out

Michael Sam is a football player with University of Missouri who recently came out. The significance of his announcement would make him the first openly gay football player to be drafted by the NFL. And he’s doing it with pride, he claims no one has bothered him, and many allegedly already knew.

Sam, at 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, starred in college football last season. Besides being first team All-American, he was named the top defensive player in the Southeastern Conference, considered the nation’s best league. Teammates named him the team’s most valuable player.
I hate to be cynical, and I hope I’m wrong, but it all sounds almost too good to be true. And he’s only on of a few select who have come out.
This article goes on to discuss same-sex marriage, and how the NFL has reacted to this admission and others in the past.
Russia Blog Censored
A very attractive Canadian blogger who is known for bobsledding had his blog allegedly censored by Russia. He’s straight, but he posted a few extremely hot shirtless photos of himself and teammates recently that may or may not have violated Russia’s gay propaganda law. The sexy beards are priceless.
In response, the pilot of Canada’s bobsled team tweeted: ‘Looks like my website is censored in Russia haha classic #SochiProblems I wonder if there’s a camera in my room’.

Thouugh no decisive reason for the block has been given yet, it has been speculated that Kripps’ site was blocked due to Russia’s 2013 ban on the ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations amongst minors’, essentially the promotion of LGBT rights.

Nothing is certain yet. You can read more here.

I’m curious about this from a blogger POV. It’s not only Russia censoring, they do it in a lot of places which is why I keep two blogs. One here at google blogger, and one here at at wordpress. You never know. I like to be prepared for anything.

Debbie Harry Refused Russia

In response to Russia’s human rights policies entertainer, Debbie Harry, turned down an offer to appear at the Sochi games this month.

Harry took to Twitter to post a photo of the offer by the Red Rocks Festival which is being held in Sochi as part of the Cultural Olympiad which surrounds the games.

On it she had written, ‘Pass – human rights.’

She’ll go down on the right side of history when all is said and done. You can read more here.

Lesbian on Sochi

As for those going down on the wrong side of history, this lesbian athlete from Austria, Olympic ski jumper Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, thinks we’re all making too much of a fuss about human rights in Russia. She only wants to talk about sports, and, jumping.

Yes, jumping. That’s a direct quote. She cares more about jumping than LGBTI issues that affect millions.

‘I think everything is being blown up bigger than it is. I had a very good welcome like every other athlete. There were absolutely no problems’ she said.

This could be a matter of interpretation and something important she said got lost. I’m hoping that’s the case. Because if it’s not it’s simply a matter of idiocy, privilege, and not having a clue. These athletes are driven, spoiled, and selfish, which is important to winning. I get that, and even respect it to a certain degree. I just don’t get the selling your soul to the devil for it. There has to be a line drawn.

There’s a TV show in ABC called “What Would You Do?” And it puts unknowing people in situations that are socially or ethically challenged to actually see what people would do when put to the test. I’d like to see how far some of these Olympic athletes would go to win…on hidden camera. I hate to think of the results.

You can read more here.

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