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M/M Romance in Fiction: The Scottish Duke; Straight Guys and Bro-Jobs; Caitlyn Jenner’s Conservative Politics

M/M Romance in Fiction: The Scottish Duke

Update: Since a few have asked, I figured I’d better explain it here. The Scottish Duke is really Book 5 in the series, however, it’s listed as Book 6. The reason for this is because the “Box Set,” which is books 1-4 in the Rainbow Detective series, is considered Book 5. It’s never come up before because I never did a box set before. There’s no way around it. I tried. So The Scottish Duke is listed as Book 6, but it’s actually Book 5. However, each book is considered a stand alone and they don’t have to be read in order. It helps, but it’s not mandatory. I didn’t do any cliff hangers in this series. 

This is book five in The Rainbow Detective Agency series, subtitled, The Scottish Duke. The subtitle is part of the story line but the book itself is NOT set in Scotland. It’s set in LA just like the rest of the Rainbow Detective books. The next book, Book 6, however, will be set in Provincetown. 

Here’s the blurb:

In this installment of The Rainbow Detective Agency, Blair and Proctor’s passionate relationship has moved forward to the point where they begin a small family and don’t even realize it. And that’s because they’re busy trying to solve the case of a well-known gay romance author, E. Q. Montana, who was so obsessed with Proctor he lined the walls of his unkempt West Hollywood apartment with Proctor’s photos. 

But E. Q. Montana wasn’t just any best-selling gay romance author. E. Q. had a few deep dark secrets and enemies of his own that Proctor and Blair have to figure out, one of which has to do with The Scottish Duke of Huntley. It’s a peculiar case of dangerous literary subterfuge, with sudden twists and vicious, ambitious authors, that has them both stumped emotionally and intellectually, and in the end Proctor’s worst nightmare comes true. 

And here’s a link to ARe.  It’s priced at 2.99 everywhere.

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It’s also in other places like Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble. I don’t always post link to those web sites because they aren’t the most popular. But if anyone ever has questions please e-mail me. My e-mail is on the side bar with my bio here on the blog.

It runs around 47,000 words which is about 3 thousand words less than what I normally do with a full length e-book, however, I did edit about six thousand words out during the final edits. I didn’t think all that needed to be there and I wanted the book to be tighter.

I also discussed a topic I normally don’t discuss in fiction: the m/m romance genre, people writing with pen names, and fictionalized authors who will stop at nothing to succeed. Of course it’s all exaggerated, but I think I touched on a few topics that might interest readers of the m/m romance genre. I see a lot of unfairness with good writers and it bothers me sometimes. That’s all. No spoilers. There’s also an important transgender character in the book and if I say anything else I’ll be giving away too much.

Straight Guys and Bro-Jobs

This is an advertorial, not a real article. It’s from They do that a lot…advertorials…but they lead you to believe they are articles. I like to be clear about that up front. But it’s some of Queerty’s best cheesy, trashy clickbait and I think it’s an interesting topic…that no one thinks about often. It’s not something you’ll ever want to take seriously. But you might wonder a little when you’re finished reading it.  You might even smile and feel like tweeting something.

Here’s the cheese:

What is a “bro-job”?
In a nutshell, it’s when a straight guy gives another straight guy a blowie not in a meaningful sexual way but in a friendly, NSA, I’m-just-doing-you-a-little-favor, totally not gay sort of way. Or something.

You’re welcome. Don’t you love the way they phrase it…”blowie”

Here’s the link to the ever so dignified Queerty.  

Caitlyn Jenner’s Conservative Politics

Of course now that Caitlyn has gone through all the motions of coming out, in public, she’s starting to get some backlash from other trans people who don’t like her politics. It was bound to happen.

It surprised many when Caitlyn Jenner – in her final interview as Bruce – told Diane Saywer of ABC News that she is a Republican.

Since then, Jenner has emerged as probably the most famous transgender woman in the world and made clear her intention to do some good with her renewed fame.

On Sunday’s episode of the docu-series I Am Cait, Jenner found herself sounding very stereotypically Republican and at odds with a group of other transgender women while discussing the needs of their community during a road trip.

You can check out the rest here.

I think this falls into an even bigger category. The category of true tolerance. It seems these days that if anyone LGBTI goes against the norm and isn’t following the PC left wing liberal band wagon he or she is criticized for what they believe. I’ve seen it happen time and again. I’m a registered Democrat and even I get disgusted sometimes when I see the intolerance some people have for anyone who is different. I just don’t see how it’s possible to preach equality and tolerance and still remain so hooded and intolerant of an opposing view. In other words, I might not agree with anything Marco Rubio has to say but I’m willing to listen to him and I’m not willing to dismiss him. I have respect for him. And when I tell you I don’t agree with anything about that man, I’m not joking.