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Don’t Let Dream Crushers Get You Down, Writers

From time to time I post things that I think will encourage new writers. There are so many things about which to be unsure these days for new writers it makes the old days of having no choices but to query agents look easier.

But this blog post made me smile. It was written by a talented young author named T.D. McFrost whom I’ve posted about before on this blog.

There Is No Need to Be a Bee

 Boy do I have a story to tell you guys today. Get your popcorn and some Skinny Girl wine ’cause this is gonna be good.

I went to an event hosted by an agent last week and we were asked to bring some sample pages and a query. This agent was going to read the pages aloud and tell us right there and then if he or she will pass. Excited and overdressed for the occasion, I arrived early and took a seat in the third row (’cause I like to be close to the action but not too close). There was a chubby middle aged woman next to me–frizzy brown hair, over sized glasses, black watery eyes and an obvious hew of red fluster painted on her face. She was clutching three sheets of paper in her hand when she turned to me and said, “Hi.” I returned the favor and shook her hand.