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Doylestown, PA Trans Surgery Temporarily Halted; Josh Duggar Allegedly Missing From Rehab; Rehab; Manspreading In Oxford English Dictionary

Doylestown, PA Trans Surgery Temporarily Halted

This happened right here, about 10 miles from New Hope where I live, in Doylestown, PA. I’m not totally surprised, given the large LGBT population here and the fact that we have one of the best transgender surgeons only steps away from our local shopping center in New Hope.

In any event, Christine Kitzler, a male to female transgender person, wound up in court today in Doylestown because her parents wanted to halt her surgery. At a glance, it’s actually a complicated case in some respects, however, for those who understand it better it’s not so complicated.

A Bucks County judge has dismissed the petition to block the surgery filed by the parents of Christine Kitzler, who said she would rather die on the operating table than continue living with male anatomy.

Kitzler, 48, said during a break in the emergency hearing that the risk factors her father raised — including complications from her HIV and Hepatitis C diagnoses — were worth enduring to have her body match the gender she’s identified with since growing up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

Given the potential medical complications, I think it’s one of the most emotional cases I’ve seen in a long time. However, when you read some of the quotes, and the fact that she’s 48 years old and not getting any younger, I think it will convince you just how much Christine needs this surgery.

I’m glad the judge is allowing her to proceed. You can read the rest here.

I just wish I’d seen this in some of the larger gay publications. It’s a good example of how those coming from huge privilege like Caitlyn Jenner get all the most sensational attention and how other significantly important trans cases are completely ignored by the media…including the LGBT media.  Most have the highly sensationalized pieces up about Kim Davis today, but not one about this. Maybe it will be in later this week, but what a shame even then, because a small blogger like me had to report it first.

Josh Duggar Allegedly Missing From Sex Rehab

No one is certain what’s really going on here, but it’s being alleged that Josh Duggar either didn’t show up for rehab or he left.

Josh hasn’t attended any of the mandatory prayer meetings or church services.

“Josh definitely wasn’t there,” an inside source told Radar Online. “It was very strange.”

Raw Story added: “Not a soul in Rockford, Illinois has actually spotted Josh Duggar among the individuals receiving treatment at RU.”

In fact, they’re saying he “vanished.”

You can check this out here, with comments.

Manspreading In Oxford English Dictionary

On the lighter side, the word manspreading was recently added to The Oxford English Dictionary. For those who don’t know, manspreading is when a man sits down and opens his legs almost as wide as they can go…a natural reflex. 

The venerable Oxford English Dictionary just issued its quarterly update of new words that have gained enough widespread use in the English language to merit being added to its ever-growing database, and “manspreading” made the cut.

You’ll want to check this out, here, just for the photos. Trust me…and there are comments.

Frankly, even though I’ll admit to being guilty of manspreading in my time, I always have to wonder how some women can sit with their knees so tightly pinned/locked together and still be comfortable. It’s like they’re guarding the crown jewels.

I don’t think I ever saw Ellen sit with her knees pinned together that way. Just an observation.

Five Star Amazon Review Excerpt:

“On fleek.” No, it’s not in the dictionary. But it kind of describes how I feel about the fourth Rainbow Detective Agency novel titled ON FLEEK. Just when I thought I had these two detectives figured out … or maybe I should say their creator Ryan Field … I found myself shaking my head in wonder. Yeah, and delight too.

In many ways, this little jewel is what the title says: Perfect. On fleek.