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Downton Abbey Final Season Review; Racism and Arab Men; The "Wicked" Gay Christmas Proposal

Downton Abbey Final Season Review

Here’s a review for the final season of Downton Abbey. I’ve watched faithfully all this time and I think what I like most about the first season was that it was set at the tail end of the Edwardian era. It’s a favorite period of mine…in a romantic sense. Obviously, not so much in a “gay” sense.

“Downton Abbey” has always been television to luxuriate in, and its final season will delight fans with more of the same superb production quality and writing that makes the aristocratic Crawley family feel part of our own.

You can read the rest here. 

I like the fact that they claim they’re going to tie up all the story lines and characters.

Racism and Arab Men

I don’t know how to really comment on this other than to say the guy in the article isn’t in an easy position. So rather than make this political, I’d like to focus on the racist aspects with regard to the “I love Arab men” fantasy. I have heard guys in the US say they love Arab men.

I never know how to interpret when a guy tells me that they love Arab guys but yet they don’t have any Middle Eastern friends. What is it that you love about us exactly? You don’t seem to take the time to get to know us. Is it the sense of danger we carry? Is it our fabulous hair? Our bushy eyebrows? Our furry chests? Are we just the right animal you’re looking for to add to your jungle of wild beasts?
Fuck you, War on Terror. Fuck you, Homeland Security. Fuck you, Al-Qaeda. Fuck you, Daesh.

It does get a lot more political and there are tons of strong comments at the end. You can check it out here. 

My big question with anything like this is can racism and sexual attraction be linked together? In other words, if you’re only attracted to blond men does that mean you’re discriminating…or wrong? What about if you’re only attracted to red heads? I know some white gay men who are only attracted to black men, and some black men who are only attracted to white men? What about if you’re only attracted to bears? A lot of people have a “type.” And I never thought of that as racist as much as I did sexual preference. It’s what turns them on, intrinsically. What turns someone on…whatever it might be…is hard to define. I don’t know the answer because I never really had a set “type” that turned me on. However, I’m blond and I’ve had guys of all races tell me they only prefer blonds and I never got offended by that. I never got butthurt over that. I never gave it a second thought. Maybe I’ve been all wrong all this time?

But I do think the article is worth reading whether you agree with this guy or not. As I said the comments vary and it sounds as if many people are getting really sick and tired of this endless stream of PC complaints. Some are sympathetic to him, and others think this is major butthurt. Either way it is difficult position to be in these days because society seems to be shifting so fast no one can keep up with the changes.

The “Wicked” Gay Christmas Proposal

It’s a new year and one thing continues: some gay couples need/seek attention desperately. 

Even flying monkeys can fall in love as demonstrated by video of the marriage proposal of dancer-models Daniel Robinson (above left, before he grew his sexy signature beard) and Josh Daniel Green, who is currently featured in the cast of the Broadway blockbuster Wicked. During the curtain call of the Christmas day performance, Robinson surprised his longtime bf Green by pulling him in front of the cast, dropping to one knee and asking for his hand in marriage. Who says romance is dead?
Grab a tissue and watch the proposal below then scroll down further to see photos from the handsome couple’s Instagram accounts.

Even though some of the comments are harsh, I don’t think this kind of public display is the worst thing in the world. The fact is that people like/want to be entertained. People crave this kind of exhibitionism and they want to cry happy tears when they see it.

So good for these two gay flying monkeys for exploiting their personal lives for all it’s worth. They gave the people what the people wanted and they got their 15 minutes of fame.

You can check this out here.

I wish them well and I hope they both live happily ever after in dancer-model land.

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