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Pierre Fitch On Facebook; Colton Haynes Is On Grinder; What’s Too Much Ass?

Pierre Fitch On Facebook

I don’t know how it happened, but I wound up following Pierre Fitch on Facebook and it’s been a real education watching some of the responses to his posts and updates.

But first, this is who Pierre Fitch is:

Pierre Fitch (born November 1, 1981) is a Canadian gay pornography actor, formerly exclusive to Falcon Studios. He is also an entrepreneur, who now works for himself as an actor and producer of video productions. He is currently performing as a DJ, presenting his own mixes through a number of night clubs in Canada, The United States and Latin America.

Fitch was nominated for the 2006 Best Actor GayVN Award and, with Tom Judson (credited as Gus Mattox), for Best Sex Scene (Duo).[2] He did not win either award, being beaten twice by Johnny Hazzard.[3] Fitch has tattoos all over his body including his neck, chest, stomach, arms and legs. Fitch is considered “versatile,” though more often than not he is seen as the “bottom” (receiver) in scenes featuring anal intercourse. Fitch started off in the industry as a “twink” (younger looking boy), but has now fully grown into a more jock look.

You can check that out here at Wiki. I figure that’s the safest place to link on Google Blogger.

The thing that really surprised me is that Fitch posts status updates on Facebook all the time and  I have never once seen anything with full frontal nudity, or anything that I would consider offensive. He’s always polite and responsive to his fans. He sometimes posts questions that lead to discussions about sex, in one way or another. But even then it’s never anything I would consider offensive and it’s always something funny.

And yet every single time I see a status update there is a straight woman going after him for the most ridiculous things. It’s almost always exclusively a straight woman, and it looks as if she’s going after him for pure sport. I just can’t figure out what’s up with that. There are plenty of buttons on Facebook to hide or even block updates from people you don’t want to see. All you have to do is click them. You don’t have to offer your opinion, that opinion no one cares about.

Colton Haynes Is On Grinder

Here’s a promo piece…and they are always promo pieces…about Colton Haynes gay baiting again. This time it appears Haynes might be on Grindr, but it’s not exactly true. He’s going to be on Grinder, a TV show on old time cable, not the gay hook up site, Grindr.

The 27-year-old Teen Wolf actor and his pierced nipple just booked a guest spot on the hit new show. He will playing Rob Lowe’s hot son on the episode scheduled to air February 2.

You can read more here, where there’s a photo of him with Rob Lowe. The comments with this one are amusing, and what you might expect.

I always find it interesting that people will judge and condemn someone like Pierre Fitch because he’s working in adult entertainment. He’s not lying about anything; he’s not a straight guy who is gay baiting…as far as I know. He’s putting himself out there, so to speak, and he’s taking all the hits for it. But everyone just loves cute little Colton Haynes and he’s really just blowing smoke up their butts and laughing all the way to his bank. It’s just interesting, is all. 

What’s Too Much Ass?

This is totally SFW and it’s funny. It’s not going to solve any huge problems in the world, however it might take you away from all those offensive, opinionated author status updates on Facebook about politics.

In any event, this will, I hope, make you smile. And it’s worth watching.

Well this should perk you right up.

In an unprecedented (by our estimation) move, a Tumblr page devoted to the junk that resides in trunks has produced a video preview of the currency with which it deals.

You can check it out here. I think everyone wonders about his/her butt sometimes. It might not be as important to straight men, but they even care about their butts looking good, too.

The Rainbow Detective Agency

Saying Goodbye


Alec Baldwin Gay Slurs; Free Excerpt Tea Dance

I really do like to post more positive things on Fridays, but I just couldn’t ignore the recent gay slurs from Alec Baldwin again. And in light of what’s been happening with Paula Deen all week, I think what Baldwin did is highly relevant when it comes to the different standards we set.

Evidently, Alec Baldwin didn’t like something a reporter wrote about him, and he went off on that reporter on twitter. There are links to this everywhere. This is from gawker:

I’m gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna fuck…you…up.
— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) June 28, 2013

Here’s a link, with screen shots. I don’t like sharing screen shots because they belong to the author of the article (it’s like a photo), so full credit is due with this link. And if you haven’t read these tweets in full, you might want to seriously check them out.

Here’s another link to back the first one up, with more examples of Baldwin’s hate speech toward gays, in detail. And that’s what it is. Hate speech from a nasty, privileged hateful man.

Angry about a Daily Mail story that reported his wife, Hilaria, had tweeted during James Gandolfini’s funeral, Baldwin let fly a series of tweets that took a homophobic turn, calling reporter George Stark a “Toxic little queen.”

What I find most interesting is that Alec Baldwin has done this before. And once again his hate speech was directed at gays, and the UK. In this article he gets us all.

The Twitter messages were directed at the editor-in-chief of the New York Daily News, British-born journalist Colin Myler and read:

“Ever since that English Queen took over the Daily News, they lie like the Post…” and

“Her Highness Colin Myler… Please don’t do to the News what you did to NOTW…”

And finally, this article mentions Alec Baldwin’s hate speech toward gays, and what I brought up earlier in this post about Paula Deen and the double standards we set in the media.

 “This is the kind of incident that shows the hypocrisy of the liberal media. Paula Deen says something bad decades ago and has her whole career destroyed,” he said. “Alec Baldwin fills his career with embarrassing moments – saying awful things to his daughter, getting kicked off an airplane and now, the ultimate PC sin, anti-gay comments. And his career will continue unharmed.”

Read more:

I would take this even a step further. I think this is a double standard against gays in general. What else could you call it? What Paula Deen did was wrong, but she admitted it openly, talked about it openly, and literally begged for forgiveness on national television. And even with all that, her empire has been crumbling all week…and it might continue. Random House still hasn’t made a decision about her book release in October in spite of what I hear about all the pre-release sales.

What Alec Baldwin did was far worse in my opinion because he threatened someone with bodily harm and vituperative gay slurs, but I don’t see the same media frenzy with out of control vicious Baldwin that surrounded Paula Deen. And I don’t see the studios, networks, and advertisers with which he’s associated firing him and ruining his entire life. Why not?

What this suggests to me is that you can say anything you want about gays and get a free pass, but if you make other politically incorrect comments off the cuff, in private years earlier, you’re finished. And the worst part of it all is now we’ll have to suffer through more of Alec Baldwin’s pinched face sneers and superior unwarranted attitude on good old boy TV shows like Letterman where Baldwin will turn this entire thing into one big funny-ha-ha joke and get away with it.

Photo here.

Free Excerpt: Palm Beach Stud

On a more positive note, I wanted to post a free raw (before final edits) excerpt from an upcoming release in the Bad Boy Billionaire series titled, The Palm Beach Stud. This particular excerpt deals with gay culture and gay tea dance, which I posted about earlier this week here.

Brady stood up and leaned back into Farman’s chest. He kissed Farman on the cheek and said, “I’ll do that.” Brady failed to mention they really hadn’t done anything different at all. They’d basically done the same thing they’d been doing since they’d met. The only thing different was they’d done this on a Sunday morning instead of a Friday or Saturday night. All at once, the thought of doing this same thing for the rest of his life sent a wave of panic through Brady’s entire body. It ended with a sting in his gut and he took a deep breath.

          Then Farman patted his bottom and turned to leave the room. On his way out, he stopped and said, “Speaking of breaking up the routine, do you mind if we skip brunch today?”
          “Skip brunch?” Brady almost fell off the bed. They’d only skipped brunch that one time a few months ago when Farman had come down with the flu.

          “I promised Lucky I’d come over and show him a few things about foursquare,” Farman said. “We can all go to tea dance [J1] later, just like we always do.” Brady had been the one who had introduced Farman to the entire concept of tea dance when they’d first met. Up until then, Farman didn’t know tea dance was a big thing in gay culture, or that gay men all over the world went out on late Sunday afternoons to gather at gay clubs to do anything from dancing, to drinking, to watching strippers.

          He hadn’t heard Farman make these plans with Lucky. They must have discussed it while Brady hadn’t been paying attention. This didn’t bother Brady as much as it should have bothered him. He shrugged and said, “It’s fine with me. It will give me a chance to go over a few things about the wedding with Mother.” The truth was Brady had never been a huge fan of brunch. He preferred to eat later, and most of the time during brunch he forced a salad down his throat in order to please Farman. If anything, it was a relief not to go to brunch.

          “Excellent,” Farman said. “I’ll go shower. I told Lucky I’d be over sometime after ten this morning.”

          Brady turned toward the master bathroom and said, “I’ll shower and clean up and then I’ll make some coffee and breakfast if you want.”

          “Just coffee for me,” Farman said. “I’m not that hungry this morning, and I don’t want to keep Lucky waiting.”

          Brady just smiled and shrugged. He wondered if Kevin knew about their plans. As Farman headed to the guest bathroom, he went into the master bath. Although Brady knew how to cook, and he wouldn’t have minded making breakfast for Farman, cooking wasn’t something he loved doing either.  He almost suggested they shower together, but then stopped and closed the bathroom door. When he realized he wanted to shower alone that morning without Farman, he felt a wave of relief.

* * * *

                    When they returned to the house in Brady’s car, they found Michele and Brady’s dad standing on the front steps. Brady parked under a tree and sat there gripping the wheel for a moment. “What’s he doing here today?” He hadn’t expected to see Rick this soon again. He’d been hoping he wouldn’t see him ever again after what he’d done at the dance club the night before.

          “Who is that?” Farman asked. Brady hadn’t mentioned anything to Farman about Rick yet. He’d told him the basics: that his dad was gay, he was a semi-pro race car driver, and that he lived the life of an aging circuit queen traveling from one city to the other where trendy middle-aged gay men tried as hard as they could to cling to their youths.

          “It’s my father,” Brady said. “I ran into him last night at the club by accident. Mother invited him to our wedding.” He decided not to mention what Rick had done to him the night before. It was too revolting to revisit.

          “He seems so young,” Farman said. “He’s very attractive.”

          Brady rolled his eyes. “He’s pure compost on the inside.”


          Brady climbed out of the car and Farman followed. When they reached the front steps, Michele looked at Brady with a guarded expression and said, “I heard you bumped into your father last night at a night club in South Beach.”

          Brady forced a smile so Farman wouldn’t see his real feelings. “Oh yes, mother. Did Rick tell you how interesting it was? I have to admit, it was the surprise of a lifetime.” He glanced at Rick with absolute disgust.

          “I heard,” Michele said. “Your father came here this morning to explain.”

          Rick looked at Brady and said, “I’m not staying. I only wanted to apologize again. But I hope I get to see you again while I’m in town.”

          “I guess I’ll see you at the wedding,” Brady said. He still hadn’t introduced Farman—on purpose. Farman had begun to rock back and forth, as if eager to meet Rick.

          Rick frowned and looked down at the pavers. “I was hoping we could get together before that, but it you don’t have time I understand.”

          Michele reached out for Rick’s hand. “I’ll talk to him, Rick. We’ll work something out.” She’d been urging Brady to get to know his father better for years, in spite of everything Rick had ever done to her.

          Farman had grown tired of waiting, so he leaned forward and extended his hand to Rick. “I’m Farman Lexington. I’m the happy groom who is marrying your son.”

          “I’m sorry,” Brady said. He patted Farman on the shoulder. “Farman, this is my long-lost father, Rick James.”

          “It’s very nice to meet you,” Rick said, shaking Farman’s hand.

          Farman lifted his chin and spoke with his Ivy League voice. “Likewise, I’m sure.”

          Then Kevin opened the front door and looked at everyone. He wore nothing but rumpled boxer shorts. He had a huge mug of black coffee in his right hand, and his hair was all messed up on top. “Well, well. What’s going on out here?” He set the coffee down on top of a Grecian urn in such a precarious way it looked as if it would fall off. He walked up to Rick and hugged him. “No one told me my favorite ex-father-in-law was here this morning.”

          Rick hugged Kevin and said, “I’m leaving. I’m driving up to Daytona this morning to meet a few old friends.”

          “Don’t let us keep you,” Brady said. He wanted him out of the house. He also wanted Kevin to put on a robe because his junk moved around in the boxer shorts in such a vulgar way each time he made the slightest move.

          Michele rolled her eyes and she sent Brady a vicious glare.

          Rick seemed eager to leave, so he said, “I really do have to get moving.” Then he said goodbye to everyone and stopped when he reached Brady. He hugged him, even though Brady made no attempt to return the hug, and said, “I hope we can talk while I’m in town. It would mean a lot to me.”

          Brady stepped back and squared his shoulders. “We’ll see.” Then he turned and walked into the house and left the rest of them outside.

          A moment later, Michele walked into the kitchen and glared at him again. “How could you be so heartless? He’s your father, and nothing is ever going to change that.”

          Brady noticed Kevin had followed her, with his junk moving around even more in his boxer shorts. “He’s never been a father to me, and you know that better than anyone.”

          “So he tried to get into your pants last night,” Kevin said. “It was an honest mistake. You can’t blame him. I did the same thing the first time I saw you.” Kevin had been even more aggressive than Rick had been the night before. They’d met in a club and he’d literally pulled Brady out to his car, shoved him into the backseat, and pulled his pants down.

          But Brady didn’t want to listen to any of this. He turned to Kevin and said, “Go put on a robe or something. You shouldn’t be walking around that way in front of my mother.”

          Kevin laughed.

          Michele said, “Give me a break. I have two sons. I’ve been married more than once. I’ve seen it all and Kevin has nothing that’s going to shock me.”

          “Where’s Farman?” Brady asked. “He was right behind me outside.”

          Kevin smiled. “I sent him out back to the pool. Lucky was out there waiting for him. They are supposedly going to play foursquare or do something like that. I wasn’t paying attention to them.” Evidently, he knew about their plans.

          “Where are Jackson and Lawrence?” Brady asked.

          Michele said, “Jackson drove down to Key West.” She frowned, which meant he’d gone to meet his married lover, who had a house down there. “He’ll be back in a day or two. I’m not sure. And Lawrence is still in bed sleeping.”

          “I’m going to change and go for a swim,” Brady said. He wanted to get away from Kevin and he wanted to stop talking about his father. He figured that if he was really lucky, and if history repeated itself as it usually did, Rick would forget all about the wedding and not show up at all.

          “I’d like to discuss a few things with you first,” Michele said. She smiled at Kevin and patted him on the arm. “If you’ll excuse us, dear, I’d like to talk to Brady in the conservatory.” She spoke in a rare tone, one that she used whenever Brady had done something wrong.


The Double Standard of Prince Harry and Princess Kate in the Press

When Prince Harry got caught with his pants down last month in Vegas I didn’t hear anyone from the press trying to protect HIS privacy. The Palace made a short statement that basically said nothing, moved forward, and shipped him off on another tour of duty.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are in a position like Harry’s and you take off your clothes, the odds are someone is going to take your photo. He has nothing to worry about.

There’s also nothing wrong with Princess Kate taking off her top to sunbathe. I doubt most people care one way or the other. It’s done all the time in Europe.

But now the press refuses to publish her semi-nude photos and everyone seems to think that’s fine:

Media experts in Britain said concerns that Kate’s privacy had been invaded would likely mean the images wouldn’t be published by the country’s newspapers.

They won’t get published in this country, and if I was still an editor I would not be publishing them,” former News of the World executive editor Neil Wallis told BBC radio. “There’s absolutely no chance whatsoever that they will be published in this country.”

Maybe there are legal issues we’re not hearing about, but as it stands I can’t help thinking this rings of a double standard. And I’m not buying that security issue nonsense they claim was the reason for publishing the nude photos of Harry. They didn’t have to publish those pictures. What I’m seeing is a bottom line: that it’s perfectly fine to invade Prince Harry’s privacy and publish nude photos of him, but don’t touch sweet little Princess Kate and never publish photos of her topless.

I’m all for equal rights for women. And I say if you can publish the nude photos of the man, then you should be able to publish the nude photos of the woman as well. No more double standards for men or women.

You can read more about it here in this article:

How Much Can you Get Away With In Romance?

I’m reading a new novel right now and loving every single page. I’m not going to mention the title because I’m not finished and I’m not going to review it anyway. But this isn’t a romance novel and there are no sex scenes at all. It’s more contemporary fiction leaning toward literary, with a strong character study. At least that’s how some would classify it in a bookstore.

What I really find amazing is that the two main characters…a married couple…are first cousins. It’s not a sexy book, but they have a child so they’ve obvious had sex. Like so much in literary fiction, when it comes to sex, the sex between these two characters is assumed with caution and never mentioned aloud.

I’ve never done this in any of my books. But I’ve seen m/m romance novels where brothers fell in love with each other. I’ve seen m/m romance novels where first cousins fell in love. I’ve even read reviews and blog posts about whether or not it’s taboo for a widow to marry her dead husband’s brother, and they aren’t even related. If it’s treated with care, it can be extremely emotional. But I’ve also seen mixed reviews for these books. They seem to leave some readers absolutely frustrated beyond belief. And these readers (and reviewers) aren’t shy regarding their disgust for incest in their reviews.

In this post, I’m not commenting on brothers falling in love with brothers, or first cousins falling in love with first cousins. I’m not even commenting about the reviewers who are appalled at incest in romance novels. Everyone has a right to an opinion and I’m remaining objective. But I am wondering why the focus, for some readers, would be on incest in a romance novel, and in the literary fiction I’m reading right now I haven’t read one single review or comment about the incest. This is an older book and there are tons of reviews for it. The fact that these characters are first cousins is completely ignored. The focus is on the storyline and nothing else. If anything, first cousins sleeping with each other is treated more like a peculiar quirk than a taboo.

Which leads me to wonder how much a romance novelist can get away with compared to an author who writes contemporary/literary fiction. Evidently, as long as you don’t have any sexy scenes between relatives in fiction it’s okay to write about it? Is there a double standard?