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Living With Two Penises; Big Huge Penises That Get In the Way; He Hates His Giant Dong

Living With Two Penises

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about men who live with two penises. It’s a condition called diphallia and it’s very rare. The first time I posted about it I mentioned a guy with diphallia who had gone public. He’d posted photos on social media and he is still, as far as I know, trying to make people aware of diphallia in a tasteful way. He even wrote a book about it that he indie pubbed. 

I’m posting about it now because I’ve been doing research on the topic for an upcoming book in The Rainbow Detective Agency series. One of the characters involved in the crime scenes has diphallia and I wanted to know about it and understand it so I didn’t insult anyone who has diphallia.

Here’s one place where I found a few interesting things:

“My life would never ever be the same again if I allowed my identity to be revealed,” he tells Newsbeat. We agreed to keep his identity anonymous.

He says he doesn’t want to become “a butt of a joke” and a “novelty”. 

“If I wasn’t going to have sex with you then you wouldn’t know I had two [penises]. It’s rare that anyone does know.”

And this was exactly how I handled it in my book. I kept it quiet within the storyline of the book, and I hope I did that without any insults. Sensitivity was one of my goals. The other was to show how far someone will to go keep this a secret. It’s a relevant part of the mystery.

In any event, you can read more here.  I will post more about this next book in the series and diphallia as I come closer to a release date.

Big Huge Penises That Get In the Way

During my research about diphallia, I earmarked a few articles about guys who live with extra large penises. Some were serious, others not so much. This is one that wasn’t too serious. It’s a list of 21 reasons that make having a large penis an issue sometimes.

Here are two:

When all of your friends ask to see it because dicks this size are fascinating to everyone.

When you’re sitting at the table and someone accidentally kicks you and they’re like, “Oh, sorry, did I just kick you? I thought that was the table,” and you have to explain that they actually kicked your penis and that it did hurt because it’s a penis.

Of course this is sarcasm, but I do remember this guy Tony and I knew at a local bar once. His claim to fame was his big dick, and people would ask him if they could see it all the time. He never showed it in public…at least I never saw it…but he didn’t get too upset when they asked.

You can read the rest of the 21 issues with big penises here. 

He Hates His Giant Dong

As I said, it’s Friday in March and it’s going to snow again today. And this huge penis story will leave you wondering about more than bad weather.

Here’s a short excerpt:

The most immediate problems are anatomical. On a personal level, the circumference of my head while erect slightly exceeds the comfortable limits of my foreskin. That’s most inconvenient when masturbating, as the skin gets pulled up and down on the head to varying degrees. During colder months, when my skin is dryer, I’ve masturbated my way to tiny lacerations around the edge of my foreskin.

During sexytime, I need to be on guard. A misdirected thrust can end congress for the night. Even just easing my entire penis into a vagina has caused the not-sexy kind of pain. I’ve also been told, without any preamble, that anal sex would never be on the menu. It wasn’t a huge blow. But to my hung brothers with posterior proclivities, I sympathize.

You can read the rest here.

That part about anal sex may or may not be accurate, at least with gay men. In fact, I’ve never heard a gay man say “it’s too big, get out of here.” And I’m not joking about that either. I’m sure in some cases there are gay men who’ve said that it’s too big. It’s just that I’ve never heard it personally…and never said it either.

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