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Quick Post About Microsoft Reader…or, (dot)lit

I was informed today that one or two readers are having trouble with “Chase of a Lifetime” and Microsoft Reader (.lit). We’ve been in contact with the people at allromanceebooks and we’re working on it right now.

What is .lit?

Have you got a file with .lit extension? Do you want to know how to open it? Basically .lit file is a file format for Microsoft Reader, which is an ebook reader which is available for both desktops and mobiles.

There aren’t many people reading .lit books anymore and Microsoft, from what I’ve been told, has discontinued Microsoft reader because not enough people are using it. So the link I provided about may solve your issues.

But as I said, we’re looking into it right now to see it we can fix the problem. So far, everything looks fine, and yet one reader can’t get the book to open. I’ve had issues like this myself with some books in the past and I’ve always found it easier to open the books in pdf instead of .lit.

In any event, we’re aware of the issue, it’s not affecting a lot of people, but we’re working on it. And if anyone wants to contact me about it, you can reach me here:

For those interested in self-publishing, this is one more thing you’ll have to deal with if you decide to do it alone. It’s not all that difficult, but if you care about your readers you’ll want to cover all the bases.