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Why Am I Posting about a "Spiritual" Book Titled, Don’t Take Your Treasure with You?

I’m posting about it because a friend and client, Curt von Dornheim, just released this book as a .99 Kindle e-book and I’m helping him spread the word. It’s a spritual/self-help type of book, written without a lot of metaphysical jargon.

Curt has been one of my editorial clients for the past nine years. Right now, he’s my only editorial client and the only reason I keep him is because I love the way he writes and I love his work.

But I had nothing to do with this e-book. When he approached me about doing this I told him I’d help him promote, but that I knew nothing about self-publishing and I didn’t have the time to learn right now. So he found a friend who would help him, and the book was just released yesterday.

I’ve personally read the book from cover to cover, from its inception in long hand on lined paper to the printed manuscript, and I don’t have a problem recommending it.

I did notice a mistake in the title on Amazon, which leads me to wonder about whether or not there are any other mistakes. But I hope for Curt’s sake there aren’t any. If I’d been helping him you can be damn sure the title mistake wouldn’t have happened. But there’s only so many ways a person can divide their time. And this has been a busy summer and it’s not getting any slower.

Here’s the link to Amazon. I don’t know if they are giving out any samples or not. I’m not fond of Amazon’s product descriptions at all. But I do think this is a worth while book to read…even if there are a few mistakes…for pleasure. It covers a few interesting topics and Curt is one of those authors who draws people into the book.