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Don’t Let It Get You Down…

I was up late last night consoling a good writer friend who had suffered a bad review. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. But she thought it was and she was devastated.

I told her about this comment someone once wrote about me, below, hoping she’d feel a little better:

Did y’all know Alyson, a reputable GLBT print pub, will be putting out paper editions of two RR books, one of which is by the inimitable Ryan Field? Some coup.

This was a comment left on a review blog by some nasty bitchy woman author about me, roughly two years ago. It was meant to be snide, not as a compliment. I don’t know her and hope to never meet her in person anywhere. I won’t mention her name because I wouldn’t give her an ounce of publicity on my blog. The interesting thing is the post on which she commented wasn’t even about me. And even more interesting, she had no idea that when Alyson bought my book I’d already been published by them in so many books I can’t even count them. I remember when Sasha Alyson started Alyson books back in the day. They were on Plympton Street in Boston. I didn’t know him well. But I knew him. And here this dumb woman had no idea I already had contacts with many publishers and editors long before she ever thought about writing m/m fiction during her mid-life crisis.

I think I helped my friend after I told her this story. I told her a few others, too. By the time we hung up, I even had her laughing. And I hope I taught her the importance of never taking any reviews too seriously. I’m talking about the great reviews, too. They can inflate your ego even when you don’t think they can. And the best thing to do is just keep writing, keep doing what you love, and pay attention to what’s in your heart.