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Amazon Reviews and E-mail Spamming; The Pocket Hose Gimmick

I hadn’t planned on posting about this today, but I thought it was interesting. And I think it might be something other people might want to know if they decide to place product reviews on Amazon.

When you post a book review on Amazon for one of my books, I’m NOT going to spam you the moment the review goes live. And I don’t think any of the publishers I work with are going to do that either. As a reader, I’ve never been spammed because of a book review I’ve left on Amazon.

But I’m not so sure about other Amazon products. And if there is one thing I despise, it’s spam for a product I didn’t like.

Earlier this summer, I bought a garden hose I’d seen advertised on TV…The Pocket Hose. Actually, I bought two of them at $19.99 each. This is their web site. I purchased my hose at CVS, where they have an entire row of shelves dedicated to products that are advertised on TV. I’d seen the Pocket Hose on TV and I thought it would be fantastic. I have a lot of property and I spend a lot of time working outside, and I’m constantly looking for things like the Pocket Hose to make life a little easier. What could be more perfect than a hose that doesn’t kink and twist?

Unfortunately, The Pocket Hose only lasted for about a week or so. At first it worked great, and it did save me a lot of time. But after the third or fourth time I used it the poorly designed plastic part that connects to the outdoor faucet started to leak and it was rendered useless. I thought maybe that one hose was defective, so I threw it away and connected the second hose. In about the same amount of time, the second hose started doing the same thing the first hose did. It leaked so badly the hose wouldn’t even fill up enough to spray. And on top of that, I noticed a leak in the middle of the second hose. And I treated both hoses with care. I even had a special ceramic pot for storage each time I finished using them.  

I didn’t save the receipts and I’d paid cash, so I couldn’t return it to CVS to get my money back. So I considered it a loss, and a good lesson in the old saying that if something sounds too good to be true it most likely is. In fact, I never even thought to write this post. I know when I’m screwed and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Then last night I saw a post on social media about The Pocket Hose. The person who posted about it was making a joke. But that post reminded me that I hadn’t left a review about The Pocket Hose yet on Amazon, and I’d been reminding myself to do that so other people wouldn’t get taken in the same way I’d been taken in by this gimmick. So I went to Amazon, checked out other reviews and saw that many people had had similar negative experiences, and I left my review.

And this morning I find an e-mail from the makers of The Pocket Hose in my inbox, trying to sell me more of their useless product.

From my inbox:

You are receiving this mailing as a valued customer. To no longer receive any further messages please mail us: P.O Box 600991 San Diego, CA 92160 or Click Here
How could I be a valued customer? I have no association with the makers of  The Pocket Hose whatsoever. I bought mine at a retail outlet and paid cash. They have no record of my buying the defective hoses other than the review I left on Amazon last night. So, my only connection with the makers of The Pocket Hose is my Amazon review.
As a result, that’s the last time I ever leave a product review on Amazon again for anything other than a book. This was my first experience like that with an Amazon review, but I’m not going to take the chance on a second. My in-box is crowded enough already with work, friends, and other spammers. I don’t want spam of any kind, and especially not spam from a company that ripped me off with an inferior product they shouldn’t even be allowed to sell…because I left an Amazon review of the product. I could send a complaint to Amazon, but I don’t want to waste my time. I get enough hits on this blog to at least warn a few thousand other consumers that the hose is a waste of money and if you leave a review for it on Amazon you’re going to get spammed by them. Buyer beware!