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Believing What You Read On the Web…

It’s a long standing joke in political circles that you can’t believe anything you read on the web. And I’m starting to think it’s trickling over into the publishing industry.

So far this week I’ve read that a book reviewer is now going to be consulting with a large publisher as far as acquisitions go. Frankly, I find this hard to believe…or take seriously. Sounds more like a the publisher made an off-handed comment like this,”We might want to know your thoughts sometime in the future,” in order to get rid of a pushy know-it-all at a conference instead of an actual deal.

On another blog post, I read all about how a large publishing house is offering a certain percentage of e-book royalties to authors…without even letting authors or agents know about it. I checked this one out with a good friend who knows better. He’d never heard of it, he said all the information was innacurate, and then got mad at me for reading trash like that. I trust his knowledge.

I read this weird post about agents offering different services, without being clear about WTF they were doing.

And, to top all this off, I read the dumbest post I’ve ever read about a list of scenes authors should never write in the beginning of a book (this, by the way, was from the same blogger who once said never begin a sentence with the word, “that”). It made no sense. It was absolutely stupid. And yet people were commenting, praising, and applauding the post. …You have to wonder what this one is putting in the Kool Aide!!

You also have to wonder whether or not it’s even worth the time and energy to read these blogs. If the information isn’t going to be accurate, what’s the point?