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Hurricane Sandy Relief Donations; Also Watch for Scams

Although we still have not had power since Monday because of Hurricane Sandy, we do have a generator and we’ve been getting by a lot better than some of the people who’ve been hit by hurricane Sandy.

It’s not easy. There are people in places like Staten Island and Alphabet City in lower Manhattan that know true devastation now. They are still finding bodies. People are still trying to cope with losing everything they own. They are homeless.

Here in New Hope and the surrounding towns, where there was more wind damage than flood damage, schools have been closed all week because no one has power and many of the roads cannot be used due to fallen trees. One of the biggest challenges is trying to find gasoline, and when you do you wait in lines that go on in some cases for a mile. And we consider ourselves lucky here when we see what’s happened to NY and NJ.

A lot of people have been banning together to help the victims hit hardest, and below I’m posting links to where people can go if they are interested in helping in small ways with donations. In cases like this every small gesture helps. It’s also good Karma. You never know what’s coming your way.

Food Lion Launches In-Store and Online Donation Program for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Fans can donate $10 to the cause by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999.

Coinstar Facilitates Donations To Hurricane Relief Through Its Coinstar Kiosks

These links are associated with the Red Cross and are reputable. I feel safe posting them. You also have to be careful when making donations because there are a few scams going around, too.