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Donald Trump’s at it Again…

It seems Mr. Trump has been allegedly exaggerating a little about his deal with NBC. What I don’t get is why…seriously.

Frankly, I think Trump’s show is tired anyway. And this has nothing to do with Trump’s blast on gay marriage. It’s time to move on and bring in something fresh.

Here’s a statement from NBC…

“The financial information reported today in regards to ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ is grossly inaccurate and has been significantly overstated. While it is our policy to keep financial information strictly confidential, neither the production costs of the show nor what Mr. Trump makes personally is in the realm of reality. Donald Trump and ‘The Apprentice’ franchise remain a key part of the NBC primetime lineup and we are looking forward to another compelling cycle next season.”

Here You Go Donald Trump: Obama’s Birth Certificate

I hope, once and for all, that grand-standing, publicity mongering, anti-gay, Donald Trump finds this birth certificate, released this morning from the White House, satisfactory. You can view the larger version by clicking the photo to the left or checking out the link here.

And please don’t get me wrong with this post. I’m not defending the President and I’m not taking any sides politically. I’m not a political person. But I do support all LGBT issues, and only LGBT issues. There are no gray areas for me when it comes to LGBT issues.

We’ve been asking the LGBT community and their friends and family to boycott Donald Trump’s reality TV show, The Celebrity Apprentice because of his stand on LGBT issues, not because of his rants about Obama’s birth certificate, or because the show is tired and it sux.

But, frankly, I’m glad the White House released this today. I’ve always thought there was something peculiar about Donald Trump just beneath the surface. Seriously, there’s something odd about Trump. When someone’s been married and divorced as many times as he has, he should be the last person to make a judgment on whether or not gays should be legally allowed to marry.

David Mixner Isn’t Letting Donald Trump Off the Hook

I’ve posted so many things about Donald Trump and how he feels about legalizing lgbt marriage, the links would be too long to list. Just do a search at the top of the blog if you’re curious. Trump’s attack on the lgbt community is the worst I’ve ever seen.

I came a across this David Mixner article today and had to share. I’m posting a link and the entire piece.

But more than that, I’m hoping all people who are lgbt and who support the lbgt community start speaking out now. We need all the voices we can get this time. Because if Trump actually does run for President…nothing would surprise me anymore…and he wins, we’re all screwed.

Donald Trump can’t seem to get anti-LGBT rhetoric out of his mouth fast enough. Almost daily now this resident of New York City has a new tirade about LGBT citizens. First he condemned marriage equality. Not content to just state his opposition to full equality he had to continue and say that the concept of same sex couples made him feel creepy. Then he played the famous right wing martyr card and proclaimed to a bunch of Tea Party folks how hard it was to be anti-gay and live in New York.

Really, Donald, Really? All those tax breaks, special exemptions and circumventing normal processes were tough on you? You have taken New York City for a ride financially and you have the nerve to complain how hard it is to be “anti-gay and live in New York City.” You can’t travel around this city without seeing your bigoted, out-of-control ego stamped on building after building.

Being a firm believer in free speech, I know “The Donald” has every right to express his hateful views and still do business in the city. However, this city and its people do not have to continue to bestow any respectability on this man. Whether he runs for President or not, he has proven that he is willing to preach hate, disrespect a huge number of NYC citizens and stop at nothing for personal power and acknowledgement.

Let him speak out but it is time to pull the rug out from underneath him in New York. Please to our friends in the fashion industry – stop inviting him to your shows and front row seats. Let’s see the arts community rise up and not greet him backstage or give him good seats at the theater. Let him sit in back. All those of you who run charities do you really have to kiss his ass and honor him at your banquets? For New York City’s elite society, do us a favor and stop inviting him to your private dinner parties. Hey, Mayor Bloomberg time to look to see if this man and his companies are abiding by all of New York laws. While you are at that, Mr. Mayor, please no more tax breaks since that means your LGBT citizens have to help him make money to spread his message of hate.

New York, it is time to enforce your laws against this man. Stop inviting this preacher of hate to your events, tables and homes. Please let your fellow LGBT citizens know that your support is not one of just convenience but one of deeply held convictions that you put into practice in your daily living. “The Donald” does not deserve your respect, time or support. It is just as simple as that.

I Wish the President Would Just Shut Donald Trump Up Once and for All

Everyone knows I don’t post anything about politics. This is mainly because I don’t like politics and don’t care much about it.

But I do care about all issues concerning the LGBT community, and legalized gay marriage is right up there in the top ten for me. So far, President Obama has shown more support than anyone in Washington for the LGBT community. He has a way to go yet, but at least he’s trying.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, as you can read here in a past blog post I wrote. I also wrote another post here. I was hoping the LGBT community would boycott this year’s celebrity apprentice. However, I did see a few fellow LGBT friends on facebook (gay authors, no less) talking about how much they love Celebrity Apprentice this season. So much for that boycott. And Trump wins again.

However, I do wish President Obama would shut Trump up once and for all with regard to this birth certificate thing Trump has been harping on for so long now.

All the President has to do is just show the birth certificate and it’s all over. We all know the President has a birth certificate because anyone running for President in this country is vetted beyond belief. So I’m not worried about that.

But this Donald Trump thing is getting annoying as well as insulting. I thought it was bad when Trump insulted the LGBT community as a whole, but now he’s going after the President, too. And I’m hoping President Obama will just mail Trump a copy of the damn birth certificate and Trump can go back to hating gays and running his gambling parlors (I despise legalized gambling in all forms), which he seems to do very well.

Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Donald Trump, and the Pronoun, She

This isn’t a rant; just an observation. I copied and pasted the article below for those who hate clicking links. I hate them, so I figured I’d make it easier. But here’s the link in case you want to check it out.

This short post is about Larry King referring to Anderson Cooper at a comedy roast for Donald Trump as she instead of he. Frankly, I don’t care how Larry King refers to Anderson Cooper. I don’t care what Anderson Cooper’s sexuality is. To be completely honest, I would have loved to have seen both Larry King and Anderson Cooper boycott the entire Donald Trump affair simply because Donald Trump is so vehemently opposed to equality for the lgbt community.

And what truly bothers me is the way the mainstream media takes a comment like the one Larry King made about Anderson Cooper and runs with it. While I believe that coming out to the world is a good thing, especially the way Ricky Martin did it. I also believe we all have a right to privacy and this includes Anderson Cooper. And the mainstream media should spend more time worrying about how poorly Donald Trump treats the lgbt community instead of worrying about Anderson Cooper’s sex life.

Hair jokes were in no short supply at last night’s Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump, but the quip that had the audience shocked was when CNN icon Larry King made fun of his former co-worker Anderson Cooper’s sexuality.Pretending he was still hosting his now-defunct talk show, King took calls from viewers throughout the country and then tossed to Anderson, whose ‘360’ followed his ‘Live’ show every night for years.”Anderson Cooper is coming up next. Let’s see what SHE’S up to,” Larry said to the packed house.Anderson, who never talks about his sexuality in public, has been dealing with rumors about his love life ever since he become CNN’s biggest star, but never before has a member of the CNN family poked fun at him in such a public way.Even his good friend Kathy Griffin, who loves to tell tales about celebrities, refused to go there when she recently spoke with Howard Stern when he asked if the silver fox was gay.”Larry meant no harm,” a friend of the newsman tells me. “He was just having a little fun. Larry has huge respect for Anderson and couldn’t care less who he chooses to sleep with.”Let’s hope Anderson is laughing too. The roast airs March 15 on Comedy Central.

The LGBT Community Needs To Boycott Donald Trump Everywhere: Let’s Trump Trump This Time

This is not a joke. And it’s not media hype either. I heard Donald Trump blast gay marriage in a Fox News interview and posted about it a month ago here.

Those who read this blog know I don’t get political on most issues. But this one I can’t ignore. So here’s another article from The Advocate that’s asking for the same boycott on Trump.

Seriously, folks. Donald Trump is going to make a bid to run for President of the United States. I’ve been watching him in action for a while now. That grand stand with his family on the Oprah Show wasn’t an accident. This man is clever and he works with an agenda. I write sneaky characters into my books all the time, trust me on this. He wants to be President. What gets me is that he’s been married and divorced more times than any of the gay couples in long term relationships that I know. And I’d like to know where he gets the audacity to even go near the subject of the sanctity of marriage.

So let’s stick together this time for once. And make a point of banning and boycotting everything and anything Donald Trump is associated with. Even if you’re in the closet, no one will know you’re boycotting him privately (we need your closeted support, too). Even if you’re not gay and you have a family member or friend who is gay. If we do this in large numbers, we’ll have the power to trump Trump!!

Donald Trump: It’s Time the LGBT Community Boycotted The Celebrity Apprentice!

Last night I was flipping through the 1,000 channels I get, looking for something decent to watch, and I stumbled across the Greta Van Susteren show and stopped to watch an interview she did with Donald Trump.

And in a matter of minutes it turned into a side show. I watched Donald Trump insult and alienate everyone from George W. Bush supporters, Jimmy Carter supporters, President Obama supporters, China, and the entire lgbt community.

Interesting. Especially because I’m not the typical gay liberal Democrat most gay men I know are. I’m a registered Independent and I vote on issues, not according to any party lines.

I’m not going to get into Trump’s insults about Bush, Obama, Carter, or China. My focus remains geared toward equal rights for the lgbt community. In this case it’s regarding the legalization of gay marriage, which I fully support with my last breath. And when Trump hesitated for a moment during the interview, and then flatly stated he’s against gay marriage, that was enough for me.

Up until that point I’ve always been a fan of Donald Trump. I’ve respected him on many different levels. I’ve overlooked the fact that his own respect for the institution of marriage could be questioned, due to the fact that while most of the gay people I know have been together with their partners for the past twenty-five years, he’s been getting married and divorced. Frankly, it simply goes against common sense to take anything Donald Trump says about marriage seriously. He’s already lost that game and he’s never going to win it back.

What I’d like to see now is a show of support within the lgbt community, and this includes their family members and friends as well. (If you don’t think you know anyone who is gay, take a closer look at your cousins, your neighbors, or even they guy who fills your oil tank.) Let’s all take a small step toward equality that won’t cost a penny and won’t take up any of our time by boycotting Trump’s new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Just stop don’t watch The Celebrity Apprentice. Let Mr. Trump know we’re tired of the inequality and we’re not going to sit back anymore and take it.

Though I’ve always been a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice, and I always thought Mr. Trump was a decent guy, I won’t watch it anymore. I won’t support anything Mr. Trump is involved with either. And it’s strictly because of Mr. Trump’s statements about gay marriage. In this case, I don’t have to remain objective. I don’t think there’s a more important issue out there than legalizing marriage for the lgbt community and it would be ridiculous to support anyone, in any way, who doesn’t support it.

And all you have to do is boycott The Celebrity Apprentice this season.