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Gay Kiss, Swimming Pool, and Death Threats; Religious Rights vs Gay Rights Poll; Donald Trump Slams Rosie Again

Gay Kiss, Swimming Pool, and Death Threats

Two gay men were kissing in a swimming pool in Texas and were told by the management they had to stop. I’m guessing it was a public pool. The gay men claim is was just a ‘peck.’ It wasn’t anything lewd.

He then insisted it was simply the swimming pool’s policy on PDA, and not: ‘Targeted at any group’.

Roper then turned the camera to show a man and woman in the pool playing in the same manner they’d described.

‘Is there a rule about PDA, or is it just because we’re gay?’ he asked the manager.

Later in the video the five people, which includes Roper’s mom, check the rule board and find no mention of rules against PDA. The manager tells the heterosexual couple to stop playing, but Roper says: ‘It is too later. Nice try. This has already gone viral.’

You can read more here. The mother of one of the gay guys posted something on social media and allegedly received death threats.

Religious Rights vs Gay Rights

This article bothers me a little. I don’t always understand why there’s even a discussion about whether or not religious rights should or should not trump gay rights. Or the other way around.  I’m gay. I’m not the most religious person in the world but I’m not an atheist. I also have respect for people who are religious and I want their rights protected, too. But when there’s discrimination involved it gets a little complicated.

The latest poll gauging support for gay rights in America tells us religious beliefs are still valued over LGBTI people.

The poll asked Americans a familiar scenario: should a Christian wedding photographer be forced to work at gay wedding if asked or should they have the right to say no?

It found 82% of those polled said ‘yes’ and they should have the choice.

Another 10% said ‘no’ and the remaining number weren’t sure.

The full question read: ‘Suppose a Christian wedding photographer has deeply held religious beliefs opposing same sex marriage. If a same sex couple wanted to hire the photographer for their wedding, should the photographer have the right to say no?’, as reported in the Washington Examiner.

You can read the rest here.

I think it shows how little they actually know about most gay people. I also think that if you are in business serving the public and you want to refuse anyone you should be required to post a big sign out front so we all know where you stand. Make it clear to people who don’t want to support you as well. In other words if you’re a photographer and you’re anti-gay and someone with gay family members wants a family portrait, let them know, without a doubt, you wouldn’t photograph their gay wedding. It’s only fair. I’m not Jewish but I wouldn’t support anyone in business who refused service to Jewish people…or any other minority.

Donald Trump Slams Rosie Again

Let’s put it this way. If I knew I had to go out to dinner with a small group of people and Rosie O’Donnell was one of them, I would find a way to back out gracefully. I’ve never been her biggest fan and that’s mostly related to comments she’s made in public that I thought were horrible. In private, she might be a wonderful person and I might love her if I got to know her. But I can only base my decisions on the information given to me. Right now, I wouldn’t want to eat with her.

Donald Trump has made a few of his own comments I didn’t like. I also understand what he’s doing…in his quest for attention. It is what it is. O’ Donnell and Trump don’t like each other and they aren’t afraid to talk about it in public. I see nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can love everyone and different people take different approaches.

Aside from all this, I think the one point Trump brought up during the debates last week was the topic of political correctness. I’m sick of it. It’s reached a point where I can’t even say Merry Christmas without worrying that I’m offending someone. Someone told me this morning they’re afraid to say Christmas lights. From what I hear on social media, I think most people agree that we’ve become too PC…all of us.

That was my main point with this. I honestly don’t care what Rosie or Donald say to each other or how they say it. They’re both grown ups, they are both big strong successful people, and they can rip each other to shreds for all I care.

I’m just tired of all this PC nonsense we have to deal with.

You can read more here. 

The comments are what you’d expect.

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