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Christopher Rice Pays Tribute To Orlando Victims; Nick Jonas Heckled At NY Orlando Vigil; Orlando Gay Couple Who Hoped To Marry; Donald Trump On Gays and Hillary

Christopher Rice Pays Tribute To Orlando Victims

Chris Rice is a well known author I’m sure you all know about. And he’s been dedicating individual status updates for each victim in the Orlando massacre. It’s touching, gutting, and one of the most respectful things I’ve seen all week.


I believe I’ve made individual posts for all the victims. If I have left anyone out, please let me know. I also just read doctors expect the death toll to rise. 

You can, and should, check that out here at Rice’s Facebook Timeline

Nick Jonas Heckled At NY Orlando Vigil

Last night I tuned into a live broadcast of the vigil for the Orlando massacre that was being held in NY. So I actually saw Nick Jonas getting heckled by the crowd…and people were tweeting it.

A handful of editorials published today pointedly suggest Nick Jonas‘ “queer-baiting” hit a fever pitch with his speech at New York’s vigil for the victims of Orlando on Monday night.

Op-eds from the likes of Huffington Post and Bullett claim his very appearance at the event was nothing but part of a publicity blitz for his new album Last Year Was Complicated, which dropped three days ago.

I don’t know about this Nick Jonas thing, and I would never comment on something I don’t know anything about. Lately, ironically, Jonas sounded more sincere to me than ever. And after seeing Colton Haynes come out the way he did, I hesitate to judge anyone.

However, I have followed several people in Hollywood who are nowhere nearly as well known as Nick Jonas who are constantly jumping around all over the place to see what will get them the most attention on social media. I can’t mention names, but it’s actually creepy to watch. I’m on social media a lot and it’s hard to miss. One day these D-listers are hating and throwing shade at Al Sharpton and Michael Moore because Sharpton and Moore are left wing liberals, and the next day these same Hollywood climbers are hating Donald Trump and other conservatives…while praising people like Al Sharpton and Michael Moore. They switch their opinions to suit their agenda faster than most people can sign on to social media. They gay bait all the time. But even more, they all have multiple sock puppet accounts on Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves. So nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to the lengths a lesser known celebrity will go to get more attention. Of course they don’t all do this. Many are sincere, but that one handful of D-listers can get as creepy as clown hiding under your bed. In fact, I very loosely based one of my characters in my Rainbow Detective Series, The Guy With Two Penises, on a D-lister like this.

But I digress, and you can read more about Nick Jonas getting heckled here. Many of the comments are not kind.

 Orlando Gay Couple Who Hoped To Marry

Whenever something as devastating as the Orlando massacre happens, I tend to veer off track with my regular posts about male full frontal nudity and penis news. I can’t help it. This was just too horrendous and painfully sad to ignore. Every time I think I’ve been gutted the most, I see something else and it gets even worse.


 Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22, and his 32-year-old boyfriend, Christopher “Drew” Leinonen, were two of the 49 who were gunned down late in the night by a lone attacker, and while services have not been finalized, Guerrero’s father, who has the same name as his son, confirmed the two will be paid tribute to side-by-side in death, as they were in life.

 The couple had been dating for two years and lived together. They were just in the early stages of building a life together when their future was taken from them without warning.

That’s just another of many sad things I’ve read this week so far. You can find out more about this beautiful couple, here.

Donald Trump On Gays and Hillary

I have promised that I would always remain objective about politics here on this blog and I’m going to continue this…forever.

With that said, here’s an article from a gay press about how Donald Trump allegedly cares more about gays than Hillary Clinton does. Keep in mind, once again, this isn’t my broad generalization, this is coming directly from the web site to which I’m linking.

This is the quote…

This shooter, and amazingly, in Orlando, was the child of an immigrant father who supported one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Why would we admit people who support violent hatred? Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she supports immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country and who suppress women, gays, and anyone else who doesn’t share their views or values.”

“Ask yourself who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community. Donald Trump with actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? I will tell you who the better friend is and someday I believe that will be proven out bigly.”

As soon as Hillary Clinton replies…or makes her own quote about the LGBT community…I will post about that, too, in all fairness to my readers.

I write fiction…erotic gay romances…and I think I would be doing you all a huge disservice if I started harping about politics. Besides, my only fight in this life is all about LGBT rights and issues.

You can read this article here.

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