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Donald Trump Championing Gay Rights? Flying Penis Slap Down; 99 Million Year Old Erection

Donald Trump Championing Gay Rights?

I’m sure my liberal Democrat friends are going to love this one. But you know, I think everyone’s entitled to an opinion and to be curious without being bullied and shamed. And that’s why I’m posting this. So calm yourselves.

Last week I posted something about whether or not Donald Trump lost votes in Iowa because of comments he made about gay marriage. No one knows for certain, however, I do know gay people who are independent voters, and I know gay people who were on the fence about voting for Trump.

The fact is that President Obama did not actively support gay marriage. He believed it was up to the states. It’s already on record that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders did NOT actively support gay marriage, however, they do support it now and that makes a difference. After Trump’s recent comments about gay marriage, I think he may or may not have scared the living hell out of gay voters who are terrified of losing the right to marry. You can read my post here. It’s short.

Here’s an article that’s recent about how Trump plans to support gay rights. He’s been fairly silent on the topic and that’s why I’m posting it now. I think it’s news. I also took a long time finding a link that wasn’t a bully piece and wasn’t filled with bias and shaming.

New England Cable News, in an exclusive interview with Trump ahead of the New Hampshire primary next week, asked him a number of questions. But openly gay host Sue O’Connell took the opportunity to directly challenge him on his gay rights record.

“I’m a lesbian, and we’ve had some great progress for the gay and lesbian community through politics,” O’Connell said. “When President Trump is in office can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians?”
“Well, you can,” Trump said. “And look, again, we’re going to bring people together, and that’s your thing and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together and if we don’t we’re not going to have a country anymore. It’s going to be a total mess. It’s a mess right now, it’s going to be worse. So, it’s a very important choice, this presidential year is a very important year…and I’m going to bring people together.”

You can read more and watch the actual interview here. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to win too many gay votes. He’s too ambiguous. Gay people are terrified to lose what they’ve worked so hard to get and we aren’t going to let it go that easily. And it might show in the votes. A lot of gay people are silent, and many aren’t even out of the closet. They won’t vote for someone who is a threat to something as important as gay marriage.

I think the interviewer did a good job. She was brilliant. If only more lgbt people in the press were like her we might even win more support.

Flying Penis Slap Down

This one is unique. I’ve never seen anything like it happen before.

A woman shangeyed the jiggly sex toy at Minister Steven Joyce while he was talking on-air to reporters at Waitingi on the North Island’s toe.
He was espousing the benefits of the highly secretive Trans Pacific Partnership economic agreement currently under negotiation.
It slapped against his lips and bounced of a nearby reporter’s breasts — before falling limply at their feet.
You can read more here, with photos that I believe are SFW.
His expression is priceless.   
99 Million Year Old Erection
There’s an ancient fossil daddy long-leg spider with a 99 year old erection. It’s a true story.
After a months-long puberty, the male harvestman Halitherses grimaldii had finally blossomed into full manhood, sporting a penis that grew to nearly half of his body length when erect.

We know about this H. grimaldii’s particular package because, as announced last Thursday in The Science of Nature, he died fully aroused, his tree-side tryst interrupted by oozing resin that entombed his body in what’s now a lump of amber.

“It must have been in an amorous state to have it out like this,” says Ron Clouse of the American Museum of Natural History, who wasn’t involved with the study. “This poor animal.”

There’s more here.

I never even knew spiders had penises, let alone erections that huge.

There are photos, too, which are SFW. I think. You never know these days with the PC police.

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