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Book Review: Domino by Jill Elaine Hughes

When I first started to read Domino by Jill Elaine Hughes I figured I knew what I would be getting because I’ve read a few of her other published works from e-publishers. I liked her work before and I’ve always considered her clean, tight writing style to be the ultimate antithisis of what so many others do in the romance genre. To read a style like this is an editor’s dream come true. That’s just my personal taste. In other words, I like romance and erotica written as neatly and tightly as The Help.

The book is being promoted on Amazon as “A New Adult erotic BDSM thriller.” And I’ve recently begun to read more NA books and BDSM content. I’ve become a fan of the NA genre, and what the genre represents to fiction in a general sense. And even though I’ve seen some who would like to compare NA to the old “chick lit” I don’t think that’s the case because New Adult targets a different audience, many of whom would never have read chick lit in a million years. When I think of NA I think of the TV show “Girls” not “Sex in the City.” I did NOT care for SitC, however I love “Girls.” There’s a reality factor that is current and valid.

And in Domino, I found this to be true in the very beginning when we get inside the main character’s head and we hear all of her thoughts. It made me feel closer to her, and in many ways I could relate to her on levels I didn’t expect. I think a lot of people could relate to her circumstances…or at least imagine them. But I don’t want to give out spoilers so I’ll tread with care here.

The book is highly erotic, and it does have BDSM scenes. Though I’m far from an expert on the lifestyle, I am learning more through fiction and I found the scenes in Domino far more authentic than other things I’ve read that claim to be BDSM books but never get into anything more than a little spank and paddle. My point is that if you’re looking for erotica with BDSM you won’t be disappointed with this book. In the same respect, and I’ve begun to mention this in all my reviews of erotic romance, if the erotic scenes were toned down or removed the storyline in Domino would still be able to stand on its own. That’s an important factor for me with all erotica nowadays.

And this storyline is filled with intrigue, suspense, and it keeps you turning each page wondering what will happen next. This aspect, I think, gave the book a more fictional feel and took me out of the real world for a while and allowed me to experience things I would never normally experience in real life. I think it’s that combination of reality and fiction that I liked the most about this book. And I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else who enjoys erotica like this.

You can read more about Domino here, on Amazon. It’s .99 e-book, which is a huge bargain considering what others are charging for books similar to this one. I read the digital version, on my iPhone.