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Lammie Guidelines Still No E-books Allowed; Kobo Refund From DOJ Settlement

I posted about the Lambda Awards recently, and now I’m linking to this year’s submission guidelines, here. If you want your LGBT book to be considered, this is what you need to do.

Of course in the guidelines it stipulates no electronic submissions are permitted…no e-books will be eligible or even remotely considered for the Lambda Literary Awards. Just print books, as it’s been done for the past twenty-five years, since Reagan was President and before there were HIV meds that kept people alive.

  • Books available in eBook format alone are not eligible.
  • So I won’t be entering this year, once again. Though many of my LGBT novels are available in print on Amazon, I find it too time consuming and too costly to submit print books at this point in my life. I also find it interesting that while the world is embracing e-books and e-book sales are growing daily, the LLF absolutely refuses to acknowledge e-books for the Lambda Awards. Not to mention the fact that e-books have been offering so many new possibilities for LGBT authors that were not around twenty years ago when I started out in publishing.

    I find it interesting as a reader, too, that e-books are not being considered for the Lambda Awards, because I haven’t read a print book in three years, and I spend a lot of money reading LGBT e-books and supporting other LGBT authors. Maybe the LLF thinks e-books are a trend and will disappear eventually (Yeah, and cassettes might come back, too), maybe they think we’ll go back to shopping at brick and mortar bookstores (not me), or maybe they think we’d be willing to part with our e-readers and go back to reading print books (ha!). But that’s just conjecture on my part. I have no idea what they are thinking, nor do I care at this point in my life. I support anything LGBT and I’m posting the guidelines here for anyone who might be interested. For those who have submitted, I wish you the best and I hope you win.

    An Important Message From Kobo:

    I’ve been posting about the DOJ settlement with several major book publishers for a while now. There are too many links to bother with, so I’ll just post this e-mail as an example. As a result of the DOJ settlement, Kobo informed me that I’m receiving a credit to my account. I’ve purchased a lot of e-books from them, many of which were from large publishers who were charging a lot for those e-books. I have no idea how much the credit will be, but it’s nice to see something.

    This is the e-mail I received from Kobo.

    Dear Kobo Customer,
    This notice is to inform you of a recent settlement by the State Attorneys General related to a lawsuit brought against publishers regarding eBook pricing. We are providing notice to our customers about your ability to receive a credit as a service to our customers.

    As a result of this settlement you are eligible for a partial credit based on select purchases from eBook publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, Penguin, MacMillan and Simon & Schuster that were purchased through Kobo.

    You do not need to do anything to receive your credit. It will be applied to your Kobo account automatically and you’ll receive another email letting you know when it’s available.

    If you prefer to receive your credit via a check please record your settlement ID: and click here to learn more.

    To read about your rights under the settlements or if you’d like more information on this settlement, click here or contact us.

    Thank you for being a Kobo customer.

    The Kobo Team