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Why Would Anyone Pirate an E-book That’s Already Free?

I guess this post falls under my WTF category. I honestly don’t get why anyone would pirate an e-book that’s already free as much as I don’t get DNF reviews or buying used books on Ebay for twice the cost of used books on amazon.

The other day I was in an author’s group that was discussing pirating and how much it’s hurting them. And one of the author’s mentioned she has a free e-book out right now that’s also being pirated. I did some checking around, and then found out from three other authors they’ve also had free e-books pirated.

Someone please tell me how this makes sense. Whenever I’m confronted by a book pirate they sound like relatively intelligent people. Morally and ethically flawed; no respect for the law; extremely crafty and shifty; but certainly not stupid. In some cases, they may even be smarter because they’ve figured out a way to rise above the law an not pay the penalties other people who break the law pay.

So what’s the gain by pirating an e-book that’s already out there for freaking free? Is it the thrill? Does it create that much of a high? You certainly can’t use the excuse that those mean old publishers are pricing the book too high, and you can’t blame it on authors who write bad books that disappoint you. You’re already getting it for free…not tax or shipping…FREAKING FREE. Though I doubt anyone will respond, I’d love to hear something from an anonymous pirate, because this one has me stumped.