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Prince Harry in the Nude; Doctors with iPads; Stop the Goodreads Bullies, and Stop the STGRB Bullies

As I’ve posted many times before, I’m a royalist at heart. I find everything all royals do fascinating. Some are more interesting than others. And Prince Harry seems to be one of the most interesting.

Evidently he was playing strip pool in Vegas and wound up losing his shirt, and his pants, and everything he was wearing. No photos here. But you can go to this link to see what I’m talking about.

Some of the partiers snapped photos of the madness. In one photo, a fully nude Harry cups his genitals while a seemingly topless woman stands behind him.

In this older article, see what Prince Harry says about writing sexy novels:

Prince Harry has been a huge fan of Collins for years. He told his friend he is bored of the military and would love to write “sexy bestsellers”

I would love nothing more than to collaborate on a sexy novel with him, any day, any time, and for free!

Doctors Using iPads Now More Than Ever…

I posted this week about how things have changed since 2007 in publishing. And now I’m posting about how things have changed since 2007 in the world of medicine. In 2007 I remember dealing with several family hospital issues and each time I went to the hospital I was amazed at how backward they seemed to be when it came to technology. They had computers, but it seemed to me they were caught between hard copy and digital charts and couldn’t seem to find a happy medium. I also remember waiting in a doctor’s office in 2007 while a tech guy installed a new system…no one knew how to use. It slowed the office down so much I wound up sitting there for four hours instead of the normal one hour wait. And I wound up helping the doctor find my file that day.

Interesting how so much has changed since then:

The iPad’s design offers a lot of promise and problem solving in point of care use. It offers the benefits of electronic medical records in a form that’s similar to a paper chart and that doesn’t create a barrier between doctor and patient – a common complaint about laptops used for similar purposes. It also offers doctors the ability quickly (and somewhat more accurately) illustrate injuries, conditions, and treatment options to patients. Outside point of care use, the iPad (and the iPhone) offer instant access to all kinds of medical references.

“Physicians are evolving in ways we expected – only faster,” noted Monique Levy, vice president of research for Manhattan Research.

It’s about time. My nephew (gay nephew) just entered med school and had his white coat ceremony in Iowa this past week and he’s never without his iPad. You can read more here.

Stop the GR Bullies and Stop the STGRB Bullies…

With regard to this topic I state no opinions at all. I haven’t posted about this topic before because I was waiting for some kind of a rebuttal so I could balance my post fairly and post the information without bias. And, as I predicted, the rebuttal came in the form of another blog. And now I can link to both sides of the issue at the same time.

A lot of authors have commented in public about this alleged bully issue. I don’t feel the need. From what I can gather it’s between readers, not authors. And the only time that I find it possible to separate myself from being an author and a reader is when I write a book review for something I’ve read, and even then it’s not easy. In almost any other case I’m considered an author and I don’t believe authors should get involved in things like this. The main reason being is that it ruins the reading/review experience for the reader. Feel free to disagree with me, but not here because this blog is mine, with my own name, and it’s not a democracy.

According to the “Who We Are” page on their web site, Stop the GR Bullies says this:

We are readers, bloggers, and Goodreads members who, inspired by those who have already taken a stand, have come together in an effort to stop the bullying we have seen on the GR fora. In light of recent events, we feel there is a growing need to help the victims of the outrageous behaviour exhibited by those Goodreads members known as the GR bullies.

You can read more here.

According to Stop the STGRB Bullies “Who I Am” page, this is what he/she says:

I am the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Truth who seeks to destroy evil and thwart those who engage in evil practices. Be on your guard, scoundrels!

LOLJKS, I can’t take myself that seriously. Really I just want to expose the STGRB trolls as the hypocrites they are. Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.

You can read more about them by following this link.