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Zac Efron’s Nude Assbait In Dirty Grandpa; Gay Presses and Hillary; Divine Monument In Baltimore

Zac Efron’s Nude Assbait In Dirty Grandpa

If you’re a fan of Zach Efron and nude ass shots, here’s a story about Efron, the film Dirty Grandpa, and some kind of nude scene where Efron shows his bare naked ass.

This one’s not rocket science:

Apparently, this film is doing well at the box office… who would have thought! The reason? Check it out in full view after the NSFW jump!

Even though the reviews weren’t that great, I’ll probably see it. I believe in supporting all forms of art and assbait.  
Gay Presses and Hillary 

From the way this article in this particular gay press is slanted, it looks as if the gay community is about to get yet another gay icon, Hillary Clinton. For those who don’t follow this blog, I’m gay and I’ve never been exactly sure what this gay icon thing is.

In any event, this highly slanted piece talks about how Hillary would be a much better President than Bernie Sanders. For the record, if someone asked me today who I’m voting for I wouldn’t have a clue. I’m not even that political, but I’m not an idiot either.
Clinton has the most diverse campaign staff of any candidate (though not as diverse as Obama’s campaign staff), starting right at the top, with openly gay campaign manager Robby Mook. Sanders has been struggling with diversity issues, since his political circle is drawn from one of the whitest states in the country.

First of all, how racist is THAT? The whitest state? Second, someone should tell them that gay marriage practically began in Vermont many years ago. I know this because I was married by Vermont Supreme Court Justice Beth Robinson, and I was in a documentary titled, Vermont: The State of Marriage.

You can read the rest here. Many comments seem to agree with me. I do, however, think pieces like this actually help Bernie Sanders get closer to the White House.

Also, for the record, Hillary Clinton didn’t support gay marriage until recently. You can look that up with a simple search. Now she claims she’s evolved. When the truth is she should be apologizing instead of evolving for not supporting an equal right we should have had in the first place. 

Divine Monument In Baltimore
I’ve never been into drag culture, however, it is a part of gay culture and I am interested in all aspects of gay culture. So when I saw this about legendary Divine, I thought it was important to share.
If you’re not aware of Divine (and seriously, you need to be), he was a hairdresser turned drag queen who starred in many films by trash titan John Waters, including Hairspray, Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos, where he…did this.

There’s a push to get the drag superstar an eight-foot monument in the city that birthed his career (yes, Divine was also referred to as “him”) by local storeowner Michal Makarovich, who hopes the city’s Public Art Commission will fund the piece.

You can check out the rest here. If you haven’t seen a campy Divine movie, you should.

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