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What Has Happened to Tolerance and Diversity in the Gay Community?

For those who read this blog, you all know I never get into politics with regard to my personal political beliefs. I’m not a politician and I’m not running for office. I write fiction and my goal is to entertain people…readers…regardless of what their political or religious beliefs are.

If I write about politics in my books, like I did sometimes in the Virgin Billionaire series, I balance conservative views with liberal views. One of the interesting dynamics between Luis and Jase in the VB series is that Luis is a very liberal gay man and Jase is a very conservative gay man. And they fell in love and lived happily ever after.

And that’s how it works in real life, too. Not all gay men and women are liberals, and not all are conservatives. Personally, I have not embraced the Q in LGBT yet, and I’m not sure I ever will.

Even though I don’t agree with my ultra conservative gay friends, I still respect their views and I don’t shun them because they are conservatives. And when I see this happen, I have to wonder whatever happened to tolerance and diversity within the gay community.

This past weekend Tony and I went to a BBQ at a friend’s house and the topic of politics came up toward the end of the evening and I gave Tony a look and said, “It’s time to go home and feed the dogs.” Dogs are a great excuse at times like this. No one can fault you for taking care of them. Only this time the dogs could have waited and it wouldn’t have killed them. This time I wanted to get out because one of my ultra liberal gay friends started in on politics and I saw one of my very good conservative gay lesbian friends ready to explode.

And she did explode, and I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it. But what truly bothers me is that she’s not allowed to have an opinion and everyone else is. She believes in all the things my liberal gay friend believes in as far as equal rights go, but she’s more fiscally conservative. I’m not a conservative, and yet I value what she has to say. And she’s not always wrong. What bothers me even more is this e-mail she sent me about how she feels. She wasn’t addressing me personally. She knows I respect her opinions. It was a mass e-mail to many people who haven’t been respecting her opinions. Frankly, it’s starting to cross into bullying.

Don’t send me any political jokes please. I have no intention of reading them.
I’m sick of the double standard of let me tell you all about my choice but I don’t want to hear about yours.

This is a truncated version of the e-mail, but you see where I’m gong with this. While I don’t agree with everything she says, I do believe she has a right support any political candidate she wants to support. And I respect her for doing this.

Why I Try to Make LGBT Characters Different…Not All Gays Are Left Wing Liberals

In my fiction, one of the things I try to do is make my LGBT characters different from the typical formula we’re so used to seeing. I’m not even going to single out a publisher or Hollywood this time. It’s everywhere it seems. People who read this blog regularly know I remain on the sidelines, and always objective, when it comes to most issues…especially political issues…unlike most personal bloggers who blast and shout their opinions everywhere. And I always will remain objective. This is partly because I want to remain fair to my characters and partly because I want to respect the rights of all LGBT people, not just the loudest, the most visual, or the LGBT’s who garner the most attention in the media. For me not to remain objective would defeat the purpose of this blog, which is to be able to write about anything, from a distance, without getting emotionally involved one way or the other.

I’ve commented many times how I believe the B & T, in LGBT, is often left out of many conversations, as if bi-sexuals and transgenders don’t even exist. I even write about them in my books (American Star II has a strong transgender main character).

And now I’d like to comment on something I read recently happening in my own home town of New Hope, PA, where there’s a huge LGBT community. And, once again, I’m not weighing in with an opinion one way or the other. I’m just reporting the facts and informing people there are many facets to being an LGBT American, and most people are only getting the bare basics from the mainstream media. This was taken from a new facebook page I saw this evening. And I thought it was worth mentioning, to show the diversity within the LGBT community.

Welcome to Log Cabin Republicans of New Hope, Pennsylvania
A gathering place for Republican LGBT supporters and Log Cabin Republicans of New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and friends.The mission of the Log Cabin Republicans is to work within the Republican Party to advocate equal rights for all Americans, including gays and lesbians.”Log Cabin Republicans of Pennsylvania” and Log Cabin Republicans of New Hope Pennsylvania recognize and endorse each other! Please show your support!What is Log Cabin Republican?We stand for the proposition that all of us are created equal-worthy of the same rights to freedom, liberty, and equality.we believe in conservatismwe believe in comprehensive tax reform.we believe in revitalizing Social Security through allowing individuals to invest in their futures.we believe in a strong national defense.We believe in a strong national defense and support increased readiness for our military so that our country remains fully capable of defending itself against all enemies.we support legal immigration reforms that are fair and humane. KEY WORD: LEGAL…. IMMIGRATION! INCLUDING GAYS!we support marriage equality for all Americans.we believe in a broad, inclusive definition of family in America.we support non-discrimination in employment.we believe in market driven health reform.We are Log Cabin Republican!For additional inquiries, information, and questions, outside of this page, we can be reached at