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Disney Casts Straight Actor For Its First Gay Role; Reykjavik Pride Photos; Trailer For Gay Hook Up Culture Series;

Disney Casts Straight Actor For Its First Gay Role

I saw this trending on Twitter and I’m always amazed at the people who think this is just about “acting.” We weren’t allowed to legally marry until a few years ago. We were placed in mental institutions when there was nothing wrong with us. We were imprisoned for being gay, and in some parts of the world that’s still happening. But yet they don’t give us the respect or the credit for being a marginalized group that had to fight for every equal right we have. And we’re still fighting. That baffles me.

In any event, I’m not going to rant here about it. But I think it’s going to be an ongoing topic for a long time.

A source told The Sun, “This is a huge gig for Jack and has landed him his biggest ever pay cheque. But, more excitingly, he is playing a gay man – one who is hugely effete, very camp and very funny.”

They added, “This latest script, set at a time when it wasn’t socially acceptable to be gay, is another significant turning point.”

That line above alone shows you how little they know, as if it is so socially acceptable to be gay right now. Tell that to the countless numbers of gay people still in the closet that I hear from all the time and see how that goes over.

Here’s there rest. There are comments, and one guy summed it up for me. This is like Disney putting a white guy in blackface.

Reykjavik Pride Photos

On another note, these photos are always nice to see. In fact, they’re refreshing and I want to go there.

Reykjavik Pride wrapped up this weekend (7-12 August) for another super cool year of rainbow-filled celebrations.
The Pride parade kicked off at 2pm yesterday (11 August) and started at the intersection of Sæbraut and Faxastígur.
Here’s the link. It looks like a wonderful group of people gathered for this one. 

Trailer For Gay Hook Up Culture Series
I’m glad someone’s doing a series like this. It’s a huge part of gay culture and we should know about it. 
Here’s a description:
Jaded tells the story of an ordinary man living in the extraordinary city of San Francisco. We follow him as he traverses the gay dating world, looking for love in all the wrong places while on a relentless search for something more. Of course, it’s based on some of my experiences and personal journey, but offers a universal slice-of-life look into the sometimes heartbreaking, never dull, and always exciting San Francisco gay community.
And here’s a link to the article. I’ll watch this one, and you should, too. 

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