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Sean Eldridge Gay Politician; Disgusting Gay Guys; Straight/Bi-Sexual Men Who Have Gay Sex

Sean Eldridge Gay Politician

When I post about these things I’m only doing it from the POV where an openly LGBT person is running for political office. I don’t care if the person is gay, lesbian, bi, or trans (or anything else that might fall into the category extension). I care about the LGBT factor. The article to which I’m linking, however, is more of a commentary about how money can’t buy a political office. I highly disagree with that theory based on several recent campaigns larger than Eldridge’s where some very powerful people won an election, in fact, due to money and power behind them. Money does win elections as much as charm, and they start spending that money years before the actual elections. 

However, all that aside, here’s another LGBT political face to watch for in the future, Sean Eldridge. Even if he doesn’t win this election I don’t think we’ll see him disappear any time soon.

Sean Eldridge has a lot going for him. He’s the son of two physicians and head of his own venture capital firm. He attended Harvard, where he met his husband-to-be, Chris Hughes. As one of the co-founders of Facebook, Hughes is fabulously wealthy, so the couple live comfortably in a $1.9 million house they bought in the Hudson Valley of New York.

What Eldridge will not have any time soon is a seat in Congress. Despite pouring nearly $2 million of his own money into a campaign to unseat incumbent Republican Chris Gibson, Eldridge is running well behind. Political observers have called Eldridge’s campaign “a flop,” and Eldridge has resorted to trumpeting an internal poll that shows him cutting GIbson lead in half: to ten percentage points. 

You can read the rest here. There’s also a photo of Eldridge.

Disgusting Narcissistic Gay Guys

I guess it’s no secret I often tend to post about things here that aren’t always about baskets of kittens and things the PC police would like. But many times I see things that other people are wondering about in private and I don’t see anything wrong in calling attention to it. And, trust me, I control myself. If I were to open up on some of the things I see in the book world alone this blog might implode.

In any event, here’s a story about the two most disgusting gay guys on the planet. Evidently, narcissistic gay people are considered disgusting. It’s short film about a highly exaggerated segment of the gay community focused on two “disgusting” gay men who find fault in everything. Unfortunately, there’s a good deal of truth to this. 

“The disgustings are all around and they do not hide,” he said. “In some ways, we are all the disgustings. I wanted to make a film about flawed and insecure people that are really hurting. I think we often see ‘bitchy’ characters, but we rarely get to see their pain.”

Firstman’s 12-minute short has played numerous film fests around the country and he revealed that it was his intention to make audiences both cringe and relate at the same time.

It’s being billed a comedy, but it could be the saddest thing I’ve seen all year. These two should try that routine they did in the restaurant to a waitress on the east coast. They’d never be the same two disgusting PC queens again.

You can see for yourselves, here. 

Straight/Bi-Sexual Men Who Have Gay Sex

This concept of straight men being more bi-sexual than people realize is always interesting to me because I’ve often found so-called straight men can be highly aggressive with gay men, from personal experience.

According to a pornhub survey the second highest topic in searches is gay male porn and it comes from straight women. That doesn’t surprise me. Most of my readers are women and I understand what motivates them. I get it. But this next piece of information is something I’m still trying to figure out:  

In our research, we learned that straight men don’t just watch gay porn for sex tips. They also watch it to get off. Now, we weren’t born yesterday. Anyone can say they’re heterosexual, and plenty of gay guys on our favorite hookup sites pretend to “Str8″ and “just looking for a quickie while the GF is outta town.” But hold your preconceived notions for just one moment. Isn’t it possible there are more gray areas in human sexuality than anyone really knows, or is at least willing to admit? And isn’t looking at porn in the privacy of one’s own home the safest place to explore one’s curiosities?

I have never once been to a wedding where a straight man, with his wife and kids in the same room, didn’t try to hit on me. It’s always aggressive and always done with a few drinks. And I’m not talking about gay weddings. In fact, in my life I’ve always been approached more by straight men than gay men. I don’t know what that says about me or the subconscious signals I’m giving off, but I’m not doing it consciously and at this point I could live without it. It actually gets on my nerves because I don’t understand it. 

You can read the rest here.

Here’s just one comment from a guy who is supposedly straight, verbatim for the grammar police: 

im str8 but ive masturbated with my friends and one time one of my friends and i started oral, then it lead to anal. ive wanted to try again because it felt so good but im afraid to bring it up again. so i masturbate and think about it insted.

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