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Dirty Movie Clip Mistake; Johnny Weir Calls Us Idiots

Dirty Movie Clip Mistake

This past weekend in Pinellas Park, FL, moms and dads took their dear well-behaved little ones to see a family fun-filled flick, with wild and wacky shenanigans, and wound up running for cover when the movie theater showed an explicit erotic film clip by mistake. This travesty calls for every Internet-ism ever used, including OMG, WTF, and my all time favorite, YGTBKM!!

Evidently, there were tech difficulties and while they worked on fixing the problem this is what happened.

What followed was a two-minute sexually graphic clip that one person who claims to have been in the theater says was the red-band trailer for Lars von Trier‘s “Nymphomaniac,” which depicts a blow job, among other images not exactly suited for PG-rated “Frozen”‘s core audience. Audience members were understandably upset by the mix-up.

That’s just wrong. Someone really should notify the Kernel to do a full scale investigative analysis of the situation at hand.

You can read more here.

Johnny Weir Calls Us Idiots

I guess I’m part of the LGBTI group that gay athlete, Johnny Weir, thinks are idiots, because I find what’s happening in Russia right now absolutely sickening.

I’ve posted about Weir before, here, and about the controversy he’s stirred because he thinks the time an athlete puts into training for the Olympics trumps equal rights, the anti-gay law and attitude in Russia, and the oppression Russian gays face daily.

Weir quote from my post:

To have a boycott would not only negate the career of some athletes who have only one chance at competing at the Games, but also the over-time shifts an exhausted father takes to make ends meet, or the social acclimatization of a brother who can’t go on spring break because his brother needed another costume, or the mother who works part-time at a job far beneath her, just so she can afford to watch her first born perform for the world. The Olympics are not a political statement, they are a place to let the world shine in peace and let them marvel at their youthful talents.

Recently, an LGBTI protest against Weir was held at Barnard College, and Johnny Weir allegedly called them “idiots.” Among the LGBTI protesters was the creator of the rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker.

From Gay Star News:

‘We’re angry at him for not telling the truth about what’s going on in Russia to LGBT Russians and everybody else who dissents, who are being brutalized,’ Queer Nation’s Ann Northrop said at the protest. ‘He is selling out millions of people to satisfy his desire not to forgo his income or status. Is this what he would have done in Germany in 1936?’

Weir has since apologize for calling them idiots. In fact, Weir claims he wound up in such a state of kerfufflement after all this he went home and pigged-out on ice cream. I swear I’m not making this up.

Personally, I think we should send Weir to Russia…for GOOD.