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Here’s another batch of e-books that just went up on I decided to release them slower on ARe because when you release back listed books…even if they are .99 e-books…you wind up taking over the entire new release page at one time and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so to speak. So for now, this is the next small batch of five. And, for the record, none of these e-books contain any of the following elements.

Anything with pedophilia, which involves sexual situations between adults and children. We are not interested in “barely legal” situations, either.

Anything with necrophilia, which is sex with a truly dead body. If your vampires and zombies are having sex (with the living or each other), it better be lively.

Anything with bestiality, which is sex with animals. Sentient beings, including shapeshifters, centaurs, and the like must be adequately anthropomorphized.

Rape or incest. If it’s a necessary part of a story, its purpose should not be to arouse.

Dirty Little Virgin

Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy

Cowboy Howdy

Capping the Season

Billabong Bang

I’ll post more when they go up.

Five New Book Releases This Month

Pardon the cliche, but when it rains it really does sometimes pour. I have five new releases coming out this month. One is a full length novel, two short story stand alones, one novella that’s part of a Christmas collection, and one Christmas short story that’s part of an anthology.

It’s been a busy fall, and I’ll post about each one as they come up. But the one I’m posting about today is one of the short story stand alones for The title is DIRTY LITTLE VIRGIN, and it’s just as smutty as it sounds. And although there is a little bit of modern romance in the story, it’s not what I would consider an absolute romance.

And…once again…just so it’s clear: this is not a full length novel. It’s a short story stand alone that will be priced accordingly (cheaper than a full length novel) and all the info will be written up in the product details on most web sites. If you shop at amazon, though, you might want to check out or allromanceebooks to read the product details. I love amazon, but I think they fall short when it comes to product details.