Category: Digital Pride A Huge Success; Letting Your Bulge Breathe; New Yorkers Protest Against Gay Purge In Chechnya

Digital Pride A Huge Success; Letting Your Bulge Breathe; New Yorkers Protest Against Gay Purge In Chechnya

Digital Pride A Huge Success

This is something I’ve liked from the start. As we all become more digital…whether we like it or not…things like this will only have more of an impact.

We created Digital Pride so anyone around the world – including people who can’t usually access Pride – can take part.

All this week, you’ve been joining us as we celebrate with music, films, art, dancing and culture.

And it can only get better from here.

Here’s the rest.  Just the impact alone from LGBT digital books has made a hug difference to people who cannot get access to any other LGBT material. I get letters from people all the time letting me know how much e-books have helped them. That’s why it sometimes bothers me when the people who only read print books slam people who only read e-books. The print book people never take into consideration how e-books have opened up the world for so many. All they seem to care about is how old musty books smell.

Letting Your Bulge Breathe

I’m a big fan of Jeffrey Scott designs, and I think what he’s doing is excellent for all men. He specializes in tights for men, and he’s a perfect example of someone who truly loves what he’s doing.

‘When I began wearing tights regularly for family functions, they didn’t think twice of it. My father was the one that suggested I start a business to see where it took me. My business is regular conversation at family parties and holidays. It is the same to them as if I manufactured shoes.

You can read more, here. There are some excellent photos, too. I also like the fact that his designs tend to be more gender neutral and it gives everyone a choice.

New Yorkers Protest Against Gay Purge In Chechnya

Here’s more about what’s happening to gays in Chechnya. I’ve been posting information about this since it began, but I haven’t seen much lately.

The non-violent march was led by the organization Voices4, founded by LGBTI activist Adam Eli. Voices4 is demanding humanitarian visas for those in the LGBTI community who escaped Chechnyan persecution.

There’s more, here. There are photos of the rally, and a good deal of back story.

A PG Rated Gay Romance

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