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Digital Condom Removal; John Hamm’s Penis; 20 Signs About Catholic School Kids

Digital Condom Removal

There are times when you read something you never could have predicted, and this is one of them. Evidently, Falcon studios has come up with a way to digitally remove condoms from scenes in adult entertainment films, and reactions have been mixed.

I’ve also done a few checks to see if this article was real, and so far I can’t find anything to prove it’s not real. If anyone sees something, let me know and I’ll update. But for now, this seems like it’s true.

With their newest release, “California Dreamin’ 1″, Falcon Studios has created a new, controversial way, to compete with bareback condom-less porn studios. Director Tony Dimarco and Falcon’s post-production team have digitally removed condoms from the video to create “a completely safe sex movie that mostly appears to be a bareback release.”

You can read more here.

And if you check out the comment thread here, to an article linked to the one above you’ll also see why this is so controversial.

It seems to me that the underlying issue is that younger guys seem to want to bareback – without even a question of HIV status – and men ‘old enough to remember’, don’t (as much). That influences the market for gay porn, and we all know the market dictates….

I find the whole topic interesting from a tech POV…that it’s actually possible to digitally remove condoms. I also think we need to continue making younger people aware of the fact that HIV is not something to take lightly, not even now with ARV drugs. Those drugs cost thousands of dollars a month to keep people alive. And, there are long term side effects from liver damage to renal issues. If you don’t agree with me you obviously don’t know much about anyone living with HIV.

John Hamm’s Penis

You can take this for what it’s worth, but there’s an amusing article at Buzzfeed celeb that talks about John Hamm’s penis. It’s mostly images. The piece begins this way:

These Pictures Of Jon Hamm’s Little Hamm Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity, Penises

Today is a blessed day.

You can see them all here. You have to wonder sometimes.

20 Signs About Catholic School Kids

I went to twelve years of Catholic school so I can relate to all of these. For those who didn’t go, or for those who wonder, my experiences in Catholic school were not the dreaded deals you hear about most often. I was never abused by a priest of anyone else, I was never mistreated or brainwashed into thinking a certain way, and most of my teachers were more liberal than conservative, relatively speaking. I was also very well prepared for college and I knew how to compete in the world after I graduated.

Apparently growing up in Catholic school is just not the same as growing up a church kid. They had fun Jesus learning with Mr.Psalty, and we had just plain old nun-ification. With the help of three of my lovely former-plaid skirted friends, I came up with my own!

You can read more here.

Here’s one I found highly amusing:

6.  You still remember the names of 30 kids you spent 8 years with…their parents, and siblings too.  Aaaah, elementary school. Sure a couple kids came and went, but you got to know this core group well. You battled teachers, started puberty, and all sat through mass every Tuesday together. These are ties no graduation can break.

I see some of these people on facebook now, and it’s really very true.