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An Erotic Anthology Edited by Well Known Book Reviewer: Why I’m not Going to Read this Book

A new erotic anthology was just released. It was edited by a well known book reviewer and I’m dying to read it. The main reason I’m dying to read it is to see what this book reviewer enjoys about erotica. I’m especially interested because this anthology deals with BDSM erotica.

I’ve never been a fan of BDSM. Frankly, I’d rather look at nude photos of Joy Behar than be tied up, tortured, and gagged. It’s just not my thing, even thought I’m curious about it. I don’t write about it either and probably never will. But I’m not certain at this point. I respect those who do write BDSM, especially those who do it well.

But this isn’t the reason I’m not buying the book. Even though I’m fascinated to know what this book reviewer considers quality erotica…especially with regards to BDSM…there’s no way I’m paying $9.99 for an e-book. And certainly not an e-book that’s an anthology written by authors with whom I’m not familiar.

I paid full price for the Steve Jobs bio. I paid full price for THE HELP. And I read them both in digital format. But I think Steve Jobs is worth the price, not to mention a portion of that price went to a charity. I also think a hot mainstream novel like THE HELP is worth paying full price in digital format. But I don’t think a sub-genre erotic romance by authors I don’t know is worth $9.99.

I would have paid anything up to $6.00. I know that sounds silly. But I read a lot and I have to set limits on how much I’m going to spend. I’m up to four digital readers that includes my new tablet, not counting my iPhone, and I only read digital books now. People like me ARE the market publishers should be targeting right now.

This is no reflection on the editor of the book I’m talking about, or the authors who contributed to the BDSM anthology. I know from my own experience as an author they have no control over how digital books are priced. But I do wish publishers would pay closer attention to the buying habits of people who read e-books. We have lines. And sometimes, no matter how much we want to read a book, we aren’t willing to cross those lines.