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Interesting Article on How Gay Men and Straight Women Write M/M Erotica

I pilfered this from Lori Perkins’ facebook wall earlier today. I wanted to “share” but sometimes they won’t let you do that on FB. Before you click to the link and read the article, take into consideration this is a clinical piece and it’s written from a clinical POV. I agree with some of it, in the sense that newer writers tend to do these things…both men and women.

But what the author of this article is leaving out is that writers, both men and women, grow with time. I have never seen an author who writes now the same way he did ten years earlier. They expand and get better with practice and they don’t like to repeat themselves. This is especially true for prolific authors. I’ve been in publishing a lot longer than this guy has been doing clinical studies and I’ve seen the way writers grow. So it’s hard to pinpoint any of these concepts as fact unless you know and understand the genre of m/m erotica fully from an author’s POV.

It’s an interesting article anyway. You can get there from here. And I’ll post an excerpt below.

For many years, psychologists presumed that gay male sexuality was similar to female sexuality. Both gay men and heterosexual women like men, of course. But are there other similarities? One way we might approach this question is by comparing erotic stories written by women and gay men.