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Full Frontal Nudity: Mike Doyle; Gov. Chris Christie Gets Slammed Again For His Weight

The other night I watched a film titled, “Union Square,” and actor Mike Doyle was part of the cast. I knew nothing about him, but I thought he looked a little like Matt Bomer so I looked him up later that night with just a basic simple search.

First, I saw that he’s known mostly for TV shows I’d probably never watch, and second, to my surprise, I saw that he’s also done male full frontal nudity on stage. And since I’ve posted about that before, and how there always seems to be a double standard with regard to male full frontal nudity and female full frontal, I figured I’d post about Mike Doyle’s full frontal nude scene. (He allegedly did this in a play at Lincoln Center.)

Unfortunately, the only links I can offer in this post about Mike Doyle’s full frontal nude scenes through a simple search are blanks.

This blogger who I’m linking to now was asked to remove the alleged full frontal nude photos of Doyle by Lincoln Center. They threatened him with legal action if he didn’t remove them. He’s updated his post a few times to explain things, and it seems more sites have removed the full frontal content of Mike Doyle. And we all know that no small blogger is going to go up against Lincoln Center’s legal team. I wouldn’t do it.

There are several links here, at, in the comment thread, but all of those come up with “Sorry, the file you have requested is not available.” I guess Lincoln Center went all out, because there don’t seem to be any photos or videos of Mike Doyle’s full frontal nude scene anywhere on the web, at least not with a simple search. And frankly, I don’t have the time or inclination to dig deeper on this one.

I’m not sure if this is a copyright issue or a privacy issue. I’m really on the fence about this one. I’ve posted about how I thought it was a disgrace that both Princess Kate and Prince William had their privacy invaded when the press snapped nude photos of them against their wishes, ignoring all good taste and definitely invading their privacy in the worst way. And even though there was a double standard in that case as well, I don’t think either of them should have been subjected to that kind of invasion of privacy because neither of them were looking for that kind of attention.

However, this Mike Doyle case isn’t quite the same. Look at it this way, if I decide to pull down my pants in public, show what I have to the world in a play, and I get paid for it at the same time and someone snaps a photo and it goes live on the Internet, is that an invasion of my privacy? I don’t have the answer to that. But it can get complicated and bloggers have to be cautious about this.

As a side note, I cannot in good faith recommend the film “Union Square.” I watched it on DVR, but I found it long and tedious and I wound up fast forwarding more than a few scenes. The character Mike Doyle plays is basically bland and lifeless…a happy-go-lucky veggie eating guy who thinks he’s cornered the market on lifestyle and health in that annoying pushy way. They don’t eat turkey for Thanksgiving; they eat veggies shaped like cute little animals…or something. And I thought the main plot lacked the emotion they were obviously shooting for. In other words, when you try to get too deep and too artistic sometimes it winds up looking like a high school production. At one point, where there was a scene with Mira Sorvino standing on the edge of a bridge, I wanted to shout, “Jump already.”

Gov. Chris Christie Tells Off Big Mouth Doctor On CNN

I’m not all that political, but I am from New Jersey and I now live only a mile away from New Jersey in Pennsylvania. The day I had to turn in my New Jersey driver’s license at the Pennsylvania DMV was one of the hardest days of my life. And in spite of how much I like where I live in New Hope, I still consider myself a New Jersey resident and will never really think of Pennsylvania as “home.” I’m not even sure I could tell you who the governor of PA is, but I could tell you it’s Chris Christie in NJ.

You can’t live this close to New Jersey and not hear something new about outspoken governor, Chris Christie, almost daily. I find his honest approach refreshing, because he says and does a lot of the things I’ve always wanted to see a politician say and do. In other words, he doesn’t take any shit from anyone. He doesn’t placate and pretend to be someone he isn’t. And what I’m linking to below is classic Chris Christie at his best.

It seems there was this doctor giving an interview on CNN, a TV station I stopped watching a long time ago because of this kind of WTF-ery. Also a TV station struggling to survive right now.

Connie Mariano, a doctor in the White House medical unit from 1992 to 2001, said in an interview on CNN that Christie, a blunt-spoken Republican who is seen as a strong contender if he decides to run for president in 2016, risks a heart attack or a stroke if he does not slim down.

“It’s almost like a time bomb waiting to happen unless he addresses those issues before running for office,” Mariano said.

Now, I don’t know if doc Connie is dumb or arrogant, or both. But that’s exactly what she said.

And this is what Chris Christie said in response:

“I find it fascinating that a doctor in Arizona who has never met me, never examined me, never reviewed my medical history or records, knows nothing about my family history, could make a diagnosis from 2,400 miles away. She must be a genius,” Christie said, adding: “My children saw that.”

He called Mariano “just another hack who wants five minutes on TV.”

I watched a clip about this on the local news last night and Christie goes on to say that he actually had to explain to his kids that he’s okay, thanks to that idiot doctor. That’s bad enough in itself, and I think doc Connie should offer a public apology and shut her big mouth from now on. That is unless she’s found a cure for people who get run over by buses, or any of the other things that take lives on a daily basis so unexpectedly. But even more, what she did is a subtle form of bullying, and no one should be subjected to that. Because in the end, it’s no one’s damn business what anyone else weighs, eats, drinks, smokes, or does. And that’s a privacy issue I do understand.

I happen to be very conscious about what I eat because I don’t want to gain weight. In fact, I’m fanatical sometimes and it’s not always easy. And I’ve learned that maintaining a certain weight is more about portion control than what you eat. But I’m also no veggie-tofu pushing extremest, and I consider a big juicy piece of prime rib more than just a meal. It’s an event. And I dare anyone to tell me I shouldn’t be eating it.